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PostSubject: Retrofit   Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:28 am

It was that time of the day again.

Equius glanced down again, scanning the grave yard for that tell-tale curl of orange horn. No luck.

She must be running late today.

He turned his attention back to his drafting table, the detailed lines and curves coming together to diagram a quagmire of cogs and gears. The razor-thin paper rustled noisily as he ran his brush over it, shooing away the few bread crumbs clinging stubbornly. Old work, old designs. Outdated. He sighed, his lead-stick trailing down to the margin, sketching a quick doodle. It was a bad habit, he knew.

The door chimed as a slip of paper fell through the slot. He jumped, not expecting the sudden intrusion. He hastily rubbed a few breadcrumbs over the doodle, obliterating the rather crude horse sketch. He checked the window once more, vainly hoping the girl had walked by. His shoulders sagged with disappointment, and he reluctantly stood up to retrieve the slip.

It was a work order. He unfolded the document, scanning the sheet for relevant information with a practiced eye. It looked like they were finally updating the military flying machines, a squadron of ancient Turtle Hawk Bombers. About time. They were laughably antiqued.

He nearly tossed the work order aside, already going over how he'd integrate the new propulsion systems when he noticed the fine print. That was unusual. He paused, reexamining the foot note.

*ROYAL ORDER: Effective immediately, work order B.4A-201 is to be under the direct supervision of Dersite Royal Prince Dirk Strider. Engineer(s) Equius Zahank are to assist.
He reread the note, disbelief rippling through him. They couldn't be serious. The paper wrinkled as his fingers dug in, frustration rising. He had nothing but respect for the monarchy, but for them to send in a...a child and give him responsibility of the structural integrity of the entire Dersite Bomber Squadron...

He let loose a shuddering sigh and the frustration eased. He'd just have to babysit the boy, make sure nothing goes wrong. Shaking hands refolded the crumpled paper, tucking it away in his tool belt as he crossed the workshop back to his desk. Hoping for a silver lining to this debacle, he checked the window one last time.

Looks like she's not coming.
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Admin Dirk Strider
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PostSubject: Re: Retrofit   Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:26 pm

That day, Dirk woke up a few minutes early, with a feeling of anticipation bubbling in his stomach, but he stayed tucked in until two servants walked through the door to slide the curtains open. He got out of bed and walked to the bathroom in his silk pajama and slippers, preceded by the two carapaces, and found a ready bubble bath.

As he luxuriated in his bath, his servants washing his hair, he stretched his arm to pick up a neatly folded slip of paper off a pedestal table, which he had left there the previous night. He leaned back, unfolded the piece of paper, holding it up to look at it and he grinned as he reread the lettering. It was the first time he was assigned a work order, and he was excited to start, although slightly apprehensive. He glimpsed at the foot note, registering the name of the engineer he was supposed to work with. He was anxious to meet him. From what he’d heard, that Equius was an excellent engineer.

After he was done bathing, his servants helped him get dressed and he made sure he was well-groomed, as he wanted to look immaculate for such an important day.

After having a copious breakfast with the Queen, Dave and Rose, he was taken to the chain in a stagecoach, sporting a rather simple outfit and his trademark pointy shades. He rode a private shuttle to Derse, escorted by two guards. He looked out the window, unable to focus on anything specific and feeling even more fluttery as the shuttle was approaching the violet planet. It wasn’t like him to feel nervous like that, but this was something completely new.

When the shuttle finally landed, he had to board another carriage, still accompanied by the two guards. They got to the workshop rather quickly. One of the guards opened the door and the Prince walked in, glancing around the room, taking in the various drafting tables and pieces of furniture, and the standing figure of a troll caught his gaze. His eyes silently scanned the engineer, and he couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. With his long, roughly cut hair and his soiled clothing, he had a bit of an unkempt appearance. One of his horns was even broken. Dirk had to suppress a grimace of disgust. So this was the brilliant engineer he had heard about?

He took a few steps in the workshop, assuming a composed demeanor, hiding his dissatisfaction as well as he could. He placed his arms behind his back and smiled at Equius.

"Good morning, engineer. It is a pleasure to meet you."

[ OOC: I'm so sorry for not posting yesterday like I said I would... I was actually too tired to write. By the way, I just assumed that Equius's horn was broken like in canon, but if it's not the case, just tell me and I'll correct that!]
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Location : Derse, usually workshop.
PostSubject: Re: Retrofit   Wed Jun 13, 2012 3:24 am

Equius bowed, as was expected for someone of his status. He took the Prince's appearance in quickly, peeking up from beneath his goggles. His hair was groomed perfectly, each tendril combed and washed with an obscene amount of precision. His skin was smooth, pale and clean, his pores imperceptible. His fingernails-oh god, his fingernails-they were immaculate. His cuticles were groomed within an inch of their lives, the nail beds filed smooth, the corners rounded with the kind of precision that only one of royalty would have.

He did not belong in a workshop.

Equius let the bow carry a moment longer than necessary, mentally steeling himself. "Your highness."

He caught something flicker across the Prince's face. It was visible for only a moment, but it was unmistakable. It was disgust. Equius swallowed, frustration rising once again. This...this was a child, an overly-groomed child who did not belong next to such dangerous, dirty machines of sheer destruction and power. He did not appreciate the sweat and blood that went into raw engineering. He did not understand that the grit and grime staining his skin was a sign of dedication. Equius despaired, knowing that the Prince had been given full control of the retrofit.

He downcast his eyes, avoiding the Prince's gaze,. He gestured to an old apron hanging from the hook, turning back to the loading bay where the first of many Turtle Hawks rested. He wouldn't want the boy soiling his clothes.
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PostSubject: Re: Retrofit   

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