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 Rose Lalonde - The Seer

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Rose Lalonde
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PostSubject: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 1:30 am

Head Canon

Rose is calm and quiet, not so much because of her nature but because of necessity. As a very young child it was frowned upon for being noisy or disruptive, so she had to become very mature very quickly. Some would say a place as dark as the Circle is no place for a child, it pleased Rose and she was genuinely happy there, even if because she knew nothing else. Instead of going out to play instead she stayed inside and learned, devouring page after page of new information. Because of the Circle deeming the material world trivial Rose had nothing that could be deemed as 'toys' other than books. Of course she wondered about the worlds outside of the walls, of the worlds she learned the history of through countless books. Extra notebooks pilfered from her teachers grew into piles arranged to be as flat as possible under her bed as she wrote more and more stories. Stories of what she would do, adventures she'd have, things she did that she couldn't tell other people about, tales of different made up heros... Afraid that her made up tales would either be frowned upon or be dubbed as premature visions Rose kept these all hidden rather than give them up.

While she was happy to learn, Rose had to learn more and faster than other initiates because she didn't have a life time to become ready. She had to be as soon as possible so that Derse could have a proper Seer. It became a game in her mind, the more difficult the thing that she was meant to learn the faster she wanted to master it, eager to please and show how mature she was. The only real eagerness she ever showed, which made mastering meditation in order to commune as the others did somewhat difficult. She learned quickly, but not without difficulty and cost. Day in day out was spent learning secrets, sometimes going to sleep in pain to wake up the next morning just for more, almost constantly under watch by a teacher, mentor, or just someone to keep her out of trouble, but it was worth it. Finally. She, Rose Lalonde, was finally initiated as a proper member of the Nobel Circle of Horrorterrors. She, Rose Lalonde, was finally able to go out into the world she had known only from books or stories of others hoping to be initiated.

Travelling was very bit the adventure that Rose had hoped and dreamed it would be, even if being out in the world was a real shock. You can learn a great deal from books, but going out and experiencing things.. those two things are very different. Of course growing up how she did the girl wasn't exactly well equipped for interacting with normal people, the quiet of the Circle a drastic shadow to the noise of the living world. Now the young blonde would never admit that she felt shy, but being around people that were either her teachers or too busy learning themselves to spend time with her she had never really had the chance to learn how to get along with others that seemed to be natural to all the others around her. While she happily greeted the cheering throngs as she traveled through Derse, Prospit and Skaia she stayed with her ridged and admittedly offputting calm whenever speaking with people outside of the Circle.

It was the Witch of the Green Sun, Jade, that got her out of that shell and fear. The parallels of their learning and the differences as well started the conversations that would lead to a strong bond of friendship between the two girls, even if making friends would never be exactly easy for the girl. She had never thought of those within the Circle as really friends, as they all expected her to be something great. Getting to know Jade and shortly thereafter John, two people her age that understood that sort of pressure, was a blessing. Returning to her home planet Rose explored every area of her new terrain that she could, whether with company or off alone in secret. Everything was new and different and she wanted to learn all about it, a new version of the game she played with her teachers and books even if instead of trying to please them it was to please her own lust for knowledge.

The Striders. How does one begin to explain such people? It was by accident that Rose learned that if she hadn't been a Seer she would have been the Princess but that isn't a topic she ever deemed important enough to question or discuss. Just a tidbit factoid that meant nothing. Of course curiosity to find about who held the role she'd learned of in books led her to meet Dirk, as time passed they became friends. Him listening to her tales of the future and at times taking actions that she wouldn't even think of. With Dave it had been something of an accident, constant arguments about irony and reality whenever he was being Cool. More than anything, more than her duty and more than his, it was this friendship with the Striders that led Rose in such a hurry to warn them after foreseeing the Coup that the Condesce had planned. She had few people she could really call friends, and she wasn't about to lose them.

The prince got out safely but there was never a chance to warn the Black Queen, the knowledge coming too little too late. Rather than lose her life and any information that she could get for the rebellion. Since she didn't get in the way the Condesce decided that Rose must have been on her side and the young seer did nothing to deter that decision. Suddenly the game of learning had much higher stakes, and a much more important reason not to lose. Once more trapped within a set of walls Rose played close to the new queen, rarely daring to leave the palace even if she knew many ways to get out. Even if she did, the people who once cheered her existence now loathed her.

The past may be set in stone, but the future is written in water. A single butterfly can cause a storm, a single word can turn the tide of a war. The Condesce will not rule forever.

Physical Head Canon

Rose is a little taller than average, around 5 foot 7 inches. She's not particularly athletic, most of her time as a child being spent indoors hunched over a book or standing silently watching a ritual, something that along with her instilled calm led her later in life to not rush through doing things. Sometimes taking part of the rituals and the long hours of meditation have however added to a certain level of flexibility. Despite her lack of athleticism and spending her days sitting she's slim, since by only sitting one can't really work up much of an appetite, but still has more pronounced curves than her dark haired counterpart on Prospit due to an earlier kick into puberty and perhaps one spell or two gone slightly awry in her youth.

Roleplay Sample

The mage looked at her enemies grimly, mouths pressed into a thin pale line. They outnumbered and outpowered her, but she couldn't turn and flee. It had been a fool's mission from the very start, but someone had to do it. Someone had to break the chains of fear and prove that something could be done, to draw out the tyrant's army as thin as possible for the real hero to do their job. Well, if she was going to do this distraction role at all, she was going to do it right.

The mage The girl She Holding her hands up in front of her the cloaked mage began muttering incantations, voice becoming more loud and more loud Louder and louder as she continued. Her enemies, who hadn't even seen the hooded stranger approach, looked at the foolish person first dumbstruck and then angry. Rageful. They

"Miss?" Two quick knocks on the door.

Rose stopped writing with a start, her hand shaking and leaving a blot next to her last word, and looked up from her writing and over her shoulder back the door. She turned back and started blowing on the paper, bits of spittle flying from her lips as she blew on the words to make them dry faster.

"Miss Lalonde, are you still awake?" The door handle started to turn. Slow. As if it too was trying to be quiet as possible.

Hoping the pages were dry enough the blonde shut the notebook and pushed it under her pillow. She pressed the cap onto her fountain pen with a Click! Loud. Too loud! Rose pushed the pen into her sleeve and reached down next to her bed, picking up a thick hard cover book and dropping it open her bed.

The door opened and one of her mentors of the Noble Circle of Horrorterrors entered the room. Their face was covered by a dark hood, but it wasn't hard to tell who it was by the person's voice. "It is much past the time for studying. You were meant to sleep two hours ago, and you know that." The voice was strict and scolding but still kind. Or maybe Rose was imagining the kindness in her tired state.

"I'm sorry Master Alt'agh. I was too taken with my reading again." She said with a nervous smile and gestured at the book open before her, propping herself up with one arm.

Was that a smile? Or was it just a trick of the candle light? Whatever the flicker had been it was gone in a second. There was barely a sound of rustling fabric as Rose's mentor walked to the young girl's bedside. She couldn't understand how they moved so quietly. Whenever she walked no matter how hard she tried it sounded like a rock slide. Or how she imagined a rock slide sounded like. She had never actually heard or seen one, but the simile seemed to fit.

"Regardless, you will be able to focus on your studies much better tomorrow after you rest. I will be taking your candle with me." A carapaces' black hand peaked out of the fabric and picked up the candle. "Good night, miss Lalonde."

"Good night." Rose replied as the door shut, taking away her only source of light and throwing the small room into darkness. One... two... three... There was no sound behind her door and she let out a sigh of relief she hadn't even noticed she was holding. Softly closing the book she laid it down next to the bed before taking the notebook and pen from her sleeve and tucking the two under the corner of her mattress.

Closing her eyes from one inky blackness to another Rose lay her head down on the pillow and began breathing slowly, taking a few too long minutes before she finally drifted off, dreaming of the adventures she'd have in a few years when she finally got past the walls of the Circle.


Hiya all! My name's Urszula but really Ula is easier or whatever nickname you can derive from that. I've been called Azula, Zuzu and some other things and look I'm getting distracted! I'm 17 and I'm another person that lives in Quebec/Canada, but my first language is English since I've only moved here a few years back so I guess I have no real excuse if I mess up. Funny enough French isn't even my second, it's my third language after Polish, but if I mess up with something let me know, it's always good to learn. I love reading and writing, drawing, and cosplay. I've been roleplaying on forums for about 4 years now but this is the first time with a canon character so I'm sorta a little nervous about this Well, I look forward to rp with all of ya! And I'm sorry that the sample got to be so long.... It... got away from me.. a little.


tumblr: FairyThoughtless
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 2:17 am

Character sheet accepted!

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Roxy Lalonde
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 2:20 am

Ok, I'm speechless! Your headcanon is just perfect for Rose! And the roleplay sample .... it was so much fun to read!

I really can't wait to roleplay with you! ;3;
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Jade Harley
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 3:06 am

This was stupendously done! What a developed and intriguing headcanon you've made for Rose! I especially enjoyed the mental image of cool, collected Rose inwardly trying to grapple with all of these new settings.

And that Jade friendship gave me many, many feels. I just want our headcanon charries to hug now. Jade is giving Rose a hug. I'm sorry, you have no say in this matter at the moment XD

Also, loved the the rp, especially the beginning starting as her writing. Lovely touch~
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Jake English
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 3:13 am

Lovely sample, I gotta say. Very Rose-like! This place is filling up with one hell of a writing force, I can't wait till everything starts rolling.
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Terezi Pyrope
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 3:20 am

I love how you gave Rose some humanity, something I believe she often lacks in most headcanons! She is a child like everybody else after all!! I really like her because you make her different and recalled the Rose before Grimdark!

I hope we'll rp together!!
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Rose Lalonde
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Location : Derse
PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 10:27 am

Aw thank you so much everyone! I'm really glad you like the sheet, I had been so nervous about putting it up.

Thanks! I just loved the idea when it came to me, of proper young student Rose breaking curfew and the rules.

Why would I say anything to stop such a thing? I certainly can't wait to rp with you and make that hug happen! I'm sure that after having little to no information from her best friend for a long time, Rose won't even mind the lack of care for personal space.

I'm glad you like it.

I felt she was due for a proper flesh out. Thank you, and I hope to rp with you soon!
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Admin Dirk Strider
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 4:44 pm

Everything I read was just so amazing. Your Rose headcanon is just so fitting.

I can't wait to rp with you!
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Karkat Vantas
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 6:17 pm



and you did a great job.
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Rose Lalonde
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Location : Derse
PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Wed May 16, 2012 6:42 pm

Thanks! Me neither!

Yes, very glad. Thank you very much nagging mommy Karkat, for nagging me continually until I got my procrastinating rump to actually stop scrolling through tumblr and get to work on this.
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Nirana Vactes
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Thu May 17, 2012 12:28 am

Oh my, this is so detailed. I love the way you write for her, it is just so fitting.
Can't wait to RP, Dersite
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Sollux Captor
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   Fri May 18, 2012 10:02 pm

Your style of RP is delectable and your description of Rose is so interesting, I couldn't stop reading once I started.
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PostSubject: Re: Rose Lalonde - The Seer   

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Rose Lalonde - The Seer

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