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 Jake English - The Page

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Jake English
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PostSubject: Jake English - The Page   Jake English - The Page EmptyWed May 09, 2012 7:26 pm


Because the Heir was born when he was still a toddler himself, Jake doesn’t really remember anything about his original family. For almost as long as he can remember, he has lived inside the palace, growing up by John’s side. In fact, as far as Jake is concerned, the Heir is his only family now. Having grown up together, their relationship is more that of two brothers than that of a master and his protector. Thanks to that, they have something akin to a telepathic connection, and are virtually unable to hide anything from one another. The White King and Queen offered to tell him more about his defunct parents, but he turned their offer down, fearing that knowing too much about his family would lead him to resent the Heir. Having no real public identity of his own doesn’t really bother him, because the people that matter to him(WK&Q, John, Jade, Jane, most of the royal servants) consider him like his own person.

Not being one to shirk his duties, Jake takes the matter of protecting John extremely seriously, and gives his all during his training. Not just because John is the very reason for his existence in the grand scheme of things either, but because he genuinely cares for him like a brother would. Even if it costs him his own life, he will never stop fighting until John is safe. He is also extremely grateful for the Heir being who he is, that kind-hearted, fun-loving boy who takes on every day with a smile despite the astronomical burden thrust upon his shoulders. If it were possible, Jake’s dearest wish would be to take on that burden himself. Alas, he can only help lighten it a little.

Protecting the Heir wasn’t his only mission, though. He also had to make sure John would grow well and that he would make the right decisions, thus he needed to always be a step ahead of him to put him on the right path if needed. Because of that, his education started as soon as he turned 4, and he started his military training on his seventh birthday. At the age of ten, he killed his first assassin, who had tried to use the cover of the night to snuff John in his sleep. Jake had been having a never-ending onslaught of nightmares recently, and was there to greet him with a sword through the heart. John never even realized he was in danger that night. The experience traumatised Jake who, after dumping the body out of the window, immediately fled to the temple of Life to see Jane, who healed his spirit. Ever since that day, Jane has been his closest confidante, probably even more so than John. He even took up meditation on her advice, which slowly allowed him to sleep peacefully again, as well as in rather... odd positions(like standing up, for example), much to John’s befuddlement.

Another person he considers like family is Jade, whom he strongly admires for her strength and all the hard work she puts into her training, probably even more than he puts in his. He’s also grateful for her helping John and himself out of the castle every now and then, allowing them to momentarily forget about their shared fates.

To keep himself from cracking under all that pressure, Jake nurtured a few hobbies all throughout his life, one of which was theatrics, a passion which, in an extremely fortunate twist of fate, ended up being shared by John. The two of them have watched countless plays, some even more than once. In an effort to bulk up John’s vocabulary, Jake encourages him to roleplay often, and it is probably their favorite activity to do together. Before the rebellion, Jake had also started writing a play of his own(which he refuses to show anyone) during his free time, but he pretty much abandoned the project to focus on protecting John.

The Page also has a penchant for history and foreign culture, and used his status as a Page to get himself all sorts of books from all over prospit. He is utterly fascinated by Alternian culture in particular, and hadn’t his destiny already been set in stone, he probably would have become some sort of Troll Anthropologist. Heck, if he shared all the notes he wrote for himself on the blood caste system, the troll-lusii relationship, Troll reproduction and many other things, there’d probably be enough info for a PhD. Except not, because this is all mostly theoretical, as he has never really had the chance to have an in-depth conversation with another Troll before, because he was always focused on protecting John. Other than that, he's gone up against frenzied highbloods out for John several times before, but that's about it.

Ever since the Derse usurping started, he has devoted all his time and energy to protecting John, sometimes even insisting to train him in the way of the sword.

Physical headcanon

Jake isn’t exactly overflowing with machismo, but all that training has gifted him with an amazing fitness & versatility, with muscles in all the right places. He’s also kind of tall(5”11), but far from lanky. Also, if he wasn’t required to be pass as John’s double so often, he’d have a bitchin beard. Just thought I’d throw that in :B When it comes to swordfighting, he’s among the strongest on Prospit, but his true strength lies in his use of firearm, with a trigger finger that would make Lucky Luke green with jealousy.

Roleplay sample

No No No No No NO. This couldn’t happen. This wasn’t happening.

“Jake... It hurts... What happened to me, Jake...?” John stammered feebly before coughing up blood.

“Save your breath, you fool. STAY WITH ME! Don’t close your eyes pleasedon’tcloseyoureyes” The Page’s breathing was getting more and more panicked and irregular. He glanced at the three bloody holes on the heir’s chest and flinched.

“It’s getting dark...”

“Just sit right here, I’ll be back in a moment.” Jake raised his head to face the impending threat of the Condesce, who stood right before him, staring at him through her piercing purple eyes, a devilish smirk stretching up her face.

“I’ll get you for this, you... you WITCH!"

Without thinking, he literally threw himself at her, guns drew before him. All of a sudden, it felt as if he was falling forward instead of leaping, right into the Empress’s cackling maw. Before he could reach her though, he was overwhelmed by her huge mane-like hair, which extended like tentacles. They got everywhere, down his mouth, his ears, his nose, even his eyes and next thing he knew he was wide-awake, and heading straight for the golden Prospitian floor. He had enough reflexes to catch himself on a pillar and draw his gun, aiming at the darkness.

Ever since the rebellion started, nightmares were plaguing his dreams again, and meditation barely did any good anymore, so Jake got very little sleep.

“Jake...?” a small, sleepy voice echoed from somewhere near him.

“It’s nothing, go back to sleep.” He replied, getting back on his feet.

“Nightmares again?” Asked John, his voice full of worry.

“Nope, I just slipped, that’s all.”


“Go to sleep, you’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

“And so do you! You go to sleep, you need it more than me.” John snapped.

“I don’t have to give a speech. Now hush.”

“Speeches are easy! This entire planet loves me, I don’t have a thing to worry about! Come on, just come and lay here for a few minutes, you’re just gonna nod off all day again tomorrow, I hate seeing you like this!” The heir had a point.

“...Ten minutes. If you don’t wake me up after that, I’ll won’t go easy on you when we’ll spar tomorrow.”

“Sure, whatever, get over here.” John said, beckoning Jake over by gently tapping the mattress.
Jake took a few steps and let himself crash on the bed. In the recent years, he didn’t get to use these very often. He rubbed his cheek against the blanket and fell asleep almost instantly.
John rolled him up in his covers and just sat there, gazing at the night sky. “I guess I better have a huge breakfast tomorrow if I wanna survive training, heheh." He grinned to himself.

OOC: Howdy! I’m Louis, or Lou, if you prefer. I’m a 22 years old translator wannabe with varying interests in video games, TV shows and such. Been into MSPA since its Problem Sleuth days and Hussie hasn’t disappointed so far. Like most of you, I’m also French but I’ve p much been bilingual since 6th grade, thanks to video games. Been doing casual RP for a couple of years, nothing really serious, but I get really into it sometimes, haha. I’m game for p much everything though.

Also I have a tumblr and you can get the url by asking me I guess. Feel free to, I don’t bite.

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PostSubject: Re: Jake English - The Page   Jake English - The Page EmptyWed May 09, 2012 8:43 pm

Character sheet approved!

Jake English - The Page Gcatsign2
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PostSubject: Re: Jake English - The Page   Jake English - The Page EmptyWed May 09, 2012 8:55 pm

Oh my god! ;w; I love your head canon! Jakey you're adorable!!!!! I want to hug you!

Anyway, I hope we can roleplay together soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Jake English - The Page   Jake English - The Page EmptyWed May 09, 2012 9:00 pm

Oh my I'm so jealous of your writing sir. It's so alive! Your headcanon is great and I'm really eager to read your posts.
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Jake English
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PostSubject: Re: Jake English - The Page   Jake English - The Page EmptyWed May 09, 2012 9:58 pm

Awww, you guys! Thanks haha, I try. And I must say the same to you fine folks, I can't wait to get this thing started as well!

Also, I made a few modifications concerning his knowledge of Trolls, since him having never interacted with a troll before seems hardly plausible, due to John's status as the planet's hero.
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PostSubject: Re: Jake English - The Page   Jake English - The Page EmptyThu May 10, 2012 3:56 pm

Oh man, what brilliant roleplay sample D: I truly hope our characters will meet in the near future!
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Jake English
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PostSubject: Re: Jake English - The Page   Jake English - The Page EmptyThu May 10, 2012 9:07 pm

Hopefully they will, being on the same planet and all.

The tricky part will be getting Jake off the moon though, since he can't just leave John's side to go and mess around on Prospit and such. Oh well, I'll figure something out I guess.
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Jade Harley
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PostSubject: Re: Jake English - The Page   Jake English - The Page EmptyTue May 15, 2012 7:57 pm

Your style is so evocative! I was really feeling for poor Jake there! ;3;

And I adore your headcanons, especially those little details~! And the beard idea. I love that beard idea. I cannot stop picturing Jake trying to disguise himself in a beard for some reason XD

You and me, pal. I am so looking forward to what mischief we can wreak upon Prospit~
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Jake English - The Page

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