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 A meeting with the Seer [Rose Lalonde, Dave strider]

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PostSubject: A meeting with the Seer [Rose Lalonde, Dave strider]   Sat May 04, 2013 1:23 am

The sun had just started peeking out the horizon. He rolled out of bed with a grunt, proceeding to put a tunic and a pair of greaves on. He pattered over to his tall mirror to fix his hair a little, combing it with his fingers and placing it to the side as his usual hairstyle. He looked around for a pair of boots that were not completely worn out and found nothing aside from the ones that matched his ceremonial outfit. He picked them up, examined them for a split second before judging them too fancy for a meeting with the Seer. He took his usual worn-out combat boots, slipped them on before reaching out for his shades.

Ah, those shades. They were his only ally left in this mess of political bullshittery. He had attempted finding a better, less offensive expression to describe the situation but found nothing quite as adequate.

He glanced at the mirror again. He was truly starting to look like his cousin. He debated getting rid of the sparse stubs of beard that covered his face for a little while before grabbing the razor and shaving it clean. After rinsing his face and putting his shades on he finally left his room. She’d be waiting for him already, he knew.

The heels of his boots were tapping loudly against the floor, breaking the silence of the empty corridor as he made his way to the library. He gave the guard a bow of his head as he passed the door.

She was sitting there, waiting for him with a book opened in front of her. However, she didn’t seem like she was actually reading it. He started doubting there was even a single book out there that she hadn’t already read. He scurried towards the table where she was sitting and sat nonchalantly in front of her.

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PostSubject: Re: A meeting with the Seer [Rose Lalonde, Dave strider]   Sat May 04, 2013 2:22 pm

Between excitement and worry, Rose got no sleep. When dawn looked to be reaching the horizon she was sitting at her desk, already dressed and waiting for the heavy clunk that told her that the lock on her door was opened. A formality considering her powers, but one she had to follow like all the others. Carefully closing her book she looked in the mirror and frowned at the dark circles under her eyes and the mess her hair was from twisting it around her fingers all night. A sharp shake of the head arranged it back into something with a semblance of order, though it did nothing for the dark circles. No matter, she decided rising to her feet, it's Dave. He's known for years that I have trouble sleeping.

She waited a moment longer before leaving the room, slippered feet making no noise through her slow trek down the halls. There was no reason to hurry, no reason to even be going so early. Head held high and proud she took the quickest route to the library then hid from sight until the change of guards.

In the small window from it she entered the library and took a deep breath, feeling more at peace then than she did the whole night. The shelves were even emptier than they were the last time she was in the room, more and more books being put onto the Condescension's illegal content list.

She wishes the people stupid as well as fearful. Docile and clueless. Rose thought angrily as she walked, skirts and steps kicking up little clouds of dust in the rarely entered room. People avoided it because of the dim lighting, old boring tomes, and maze-like arrangement of the shelves. Eerie; they called it. The girl pulled a large book off a random shelf and blew dust from the cover, coughing at the amount of dust that came from it and read the cover. She sat down at one of the hundreds of free tables scattered around and opened the book in front of her, absently flipping through the pages and pages of statistics.

Eerie? She preferred 'home'.

Twisting her hair around her fingers she watched the numbers and letters shift in and out of focus, getting annoyed. She wasn't tired all night and now almost choking on dust and sitting up in an uncomfortable dress she was falling asleep?! She slapped herself on the cheek to wake herself up more then cringed, wondering why she thought that was a good idea.

Chest heaving in a deep sigh she looked down at the book again, though it wasn't long before the letters were blurring again.

She jerked awake and looked up at the source of the noise that woke her and stared a moment before speaking. "Morning? I could have sworn it was late afternoon." she said, a smirk that stretched into a wide smile taking her face as she spoke. Finishing the sentence before standing and going around the table and wrapping her arms in a tight embrace over shoulders she didn't remember being quite so broad.

"Skaia help me, I've missed you."
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A meeting with the Seer [Rose Lalonde, Dave strider]

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