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 First mischief

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PostSubject: First mischief   Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:46 pm

After the death of her father, Lena inherited a comfortable sum, but it wouldn't be sufficient for many years. For now, she has been careful not to use it too much, even eating less than before, but she would need to renew that sum. At 10 years old, she was beginning to understand that. Her tutor is not too strict and fulfill her needs, but if she fall too low, she might be taken by an orphanage, and this is THE thing she want to avoid! So there is only one solution: to learn to fulfill her needs herself, to learn to steal.

And she was beginning right now... She was in the streets of Prospit, having escaped escaping from the guards again. And she just seen a guard heading for her... She had an idea. As he came near her, he said:

"Lena, you escaped the moon again? You should be in class, right now!"

"Well, anyway, mister, it is not like the teachers can teach me something... They are always making errors in what they show to us. The library has way more knowledge in it than any of the teachers will ever have!"

"Well, all your comrades are here. Why would you not go?"

Then, the importunity Lena was waiting for happened: a highblood troll 'accidentally' hit the guard while passing near. It was a secret for no one that they did not like the guards. Meanwhile, Lena used this distraction to pocket the guard pouch.

"Sigh... These trolls can't keep themselves from hitting us. It's annoying after some time."

"You should maybe check if you always have all your belonging. I heard that many trolls are true thieves."

"Well, I didn't heard so... Dammit, my pouch is gone! I need to go after him! I hope you will stay here, Lena, but there is little chance that this will happen, isn't it?"

"I am who life made me, mister. And it made me to be free."

*Such a troubling child...* the guard thought.

*Stupid carapace... But I am sorry for tarnishing the name of the trolls... I hope he will not be caught, it would be better for me... Anyway, I just hit two birds with one stone, as they say in the books...* Lena thought.

Then the little thief want in an alley opposite to where the guard headed to see the result of her first theft.
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PostSubject: Re: First mischief   Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:56 pm

Liza squinted up at the sky, trying to place how long she had been away from the temple. It didn't feel very long, but anything outside of lessons was always over far to fast. She adjusted the threadbare hood that hid her braided hair and continued walking along the ledge she had climbed onto. A break in the walls was coming and she picked up speed. Just at the edge she pushed off with both feet. She landed on one foot, the other missing the ledge, teetering before pushing her back against the wall. I's gonna need ta practice these more. She thought before continuing her leisurely walk, a few stories above the ground.

Words bouncing up the stone walls caught her attention and she stopped moving, slowing her breathing so she could hear better. It sounded like some high class kid playing around on the streets, not unlike her. Finding the direction she changed her path to get to it quickly as possible, reaching them in time to see the little thief in action.

She smirked, then going to the alley between the buildings to make her way to the ground. It was one thing to steal as a cheep thrill, another to put the blame on someone that might actually need it to stay alive. Or to tarnish the name of an innocent. If the troll had the amount of money that had been in the pouch, it wouldn't matter if he didn't have the actual pouch. And to steal from a person that knew you? Liza had a difficult time placing on whether it could be called guts, or just stupidity.

Landing with the silence of practice Liza snuck through the alleys till she was in the same one as the younger Prospitain. "Creative." She said from what the decided was a good distance, leaning against the wall with her eyes on the child. "But very, very sloppy."
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PostSubject: Re: First mischief   Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:50 pm

Not very long after she went in the alley, Lena heard a very soft sound near, like someone walking silently. Good thing that she has good ears... This way, she was not too surprised when the voice of another girl told to her:

"Creative. But very, very sloppy."

She was reassured that it was not a guard and turned her head in direction of the voice, but the form of its owner was closely molded against the wall, and the relative darkness of the alley was concealing her.

"I am afraid I was not very creative there. I only took an opportunity. And sloppy? How? It is not like this idiot of carapace would have a chance to catch this troll down there. I do not think he even saw his horns or his eyes. Or perhaps you are talking about the fact he "knows" me? I am almost a legend for the guards. I always slip through them, so with the number of time they brought me back to the moon, they begin to know my face. They do not know me other than a little girl who has lost her father and want to escape the moon to avoid her responsibilities."

While talking, she molded herself against the wall too, and approached the girl, trying to uncover the identity of the other, and as she finished talking, she jumped on the form, hoping to take it by surprise, even if she had little chance to.
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PostSubject: Re: First mischief   

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First mischief

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