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 Census, events and other things

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PostSubject: Census, events and other things   Mon Mar 25, 2013 1:33 am

I've sent a newsletter but I will post this anyway and add a few details.


The census is now complete and we have lost a few canons. People who have roleplayed with the following characters:


If you have important developments in your roleplays that you DON’T want to see deleted because they are relevant to the plot or your character’s evolution, please contact me as soon as possible.

I will be searching for replacement for these characters soon and I will keep only what is necessary to keep to make it easier to find new people, and less trouble for them to join in.

Also, if you know people who might be interested in these roles, please lead them to the forum! (and let me know so I won’t release them for everyone else)

OCs won't be deleted (for now) but as you can see, those who where inactive for too long will be placed in a special category.


Regarding the plot on Derse, I decided we will be making the event happen sooner. The intermediary plot involving a few of the rebels will be filled retroactively, on the side. (this involves Roxy, DD, Dirk, Dove, Sollux, Aradia and Feferi, I think).

However, some big changes will have to be made on the future plot (after the raid) because it seems the plot we have was too restraining and complicated to put in action. I would like to have a discussion about it like we did in the past, but with this inactivity, it is quite impossible. We will discuss that once we start roleplaying again.

We will have to rethink some things like the kidnapping of the Seer. That might have to be postponed. For better use. Maybe the whole execution will be postponed. I don't know yet.

The event that will take place soon is THE RAID ON THE REBEL HQ OF DERSE.

Therefore, all people involved: keep an eye open for anything new. You will probably receive a PM about it.

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Census, events and other things

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