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 Amatus Esteli - The Bloodsoaked Dauber

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PostSubject: Amatus Esteli - The Bloodsoaked Dauber   Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:37 am

Name: Amatus Esteli (name comes from the 4th principal part of the Latin verb “amo”, which means “to love”. Amatus est in its literal translation is “he/she has been loved”)

Gender: Male

Age: 8 sweeps/18 human years

Race: Troll

Kingdom: Derse

Psychological traits: Amatus has…grown over the years, to say the least. Where he would have once been a practically constant ball of eagerness as a fine young 6 sweeper, he has now grown into a distinguished, nearly adult troll that would make any highblood proud. That is to say he’s a murderous snob. Not on the outside, of course! He presents himself as an absolute gentleman; a “prince”, if you will, and he finds himself very deserving of that title, at least among land-dwellers. He’s elegant and polite, but at the same time he’s surprisingly rather casual. He doesn’t use fancy words or constantly act like he’s absolute old-fashioned royalty. He’ll approach most trolls and even humans (not carapaces though, ew) with a certain sort of charisma, the type that makes you spill out everything to him, without asking many questions in return. He’s domineering, but only in your best interests, almost like the main character in those anime romances. It’s almost like he’s flirting with everyone he meets…

Oh wait, he is. Amatus is not a troll that wants to be friends with people. When he’s not acting like Prince Charming he’s being a total jerk. He’s extremely hemoconscious and specist, viewing anything below bluebloods as inferior, and even teal is pushing it. Humans are really only servants in his mindset, and carapaces are just gross. He’s also really, really immature. If something happens that he doesn’t like he’ll whine and throw a hissy fit like a wiggler! He was always like this, of course; he just got slightly better at covering it up when he got older. His temper is something simultaneously marvelous and horrifying to behold, as it’s set off as quick as stepping on an easily-snapped twig, and he transitions out of it just as quickly. The smiling, devilish chap before you could be the same one that had just tried to kill you less than a minute earlier.

When he isn’t being two sweeps old he’s trying to get into your pants. You see, he really doesn’t care about friends because he would much rather be involved in a romantic relationship instead! He considers himself a master at every quadrant, and in a way this is true. He can be very persuasive, either acting more “mature” or reverting to his more cheery, younger disposition to draw out hate or pity from the other party. One should note that neither is a perfect “disguise”, because that’s exactly how you don’t do romance! He’s seen it plenty of times before: lowblooded little sh*ts try and hide their disgusting, human-like fluids just so they can get him to like them better. It doesn’t work. Like any smart person he just brings out certain parts of himself that already exist, just like normal people would act a certain way around some people and a different way around others. Weirdly enough, he has never had a moirail. He’s been an auspitice before, though somehow that ended up making the two trolls involved actually get into a really stable black relationship (??????). He just hasn’t found the right troll! So far there’s been no one who wants his help in stabilizing their lives! They sometimes even turn around and say he’s the one they need to control! He has no idea what they’re talking about. In the end, it doesn’t really matter as long as he can get a good matesprit and kismesis, at least until they start to get on his nerves.

Then he kills them. Sometimes you just have to end it yourself! Actually, he’s always the one that ends it. Whether they annoy him once or he likes someone else better or they just bore him, they will usually end up dead. Then he harvests their blood for his true calling: Slaughtistry. It literally is painting with blood. In Alternian and indigo tradition he almost always does murals and abstract tapestries, covered in beautiful swirls or rough, jagged lines. It’s fortunate he lives on Derse, a planet with structures that /don’t/ need purple blood, as he almost never has anything above indigo, since that stuff’s illegal. Most would consider it absolutely disgusting and immoral; he considers it a lifestyle. Besides, what do they know, anyway?! Trolls were treated horribly when they came to Derse! Highbloods were reduced to rags and the lowbloods were actually elevated to equal them! Alternian traditions were outlawed for being “too violent”! Needless to say he was one of the ones that participated in the killing spree once the Condesce rose to power. He loved it.

As long as one knows their place (below him) and doesn’t refuse him, they’re on his good side. The instant he doesn’t get what he wants, however, one had better watch out. He’s currently running empty on quadrants, and so can often be seen strolling about the high districts of Derse. If he’s really desperate, however, he’ll go to the low district. His interests include interior design (it comes with the job), theater, and romance novels. It’s actually pretty fun to watch him rant on and on about how the author is doing X thing wrong and should be executed for misinforming the public. He even sews on occasion, though he really does nothing more than dye the fabrics with different blood colors and then sew them together into pretty patterns. He also has a rather embarrassing like of troll dolls, which is the other thing he uses his sewing skill to make. They’re all of his former quadrants, and their clothes are all prettied up by him! It should be noted that troll dolls were only cute on Alternia. Besides the button eyes and yarn/string mouths all troll dolls are made out of the skins of other trolls, their stuffing is dyed with their blood, and their hair is the same as normal troll hair. Sometimes when he gets angry he takes it out on his dolls, and they often bear many stitch marks from where he ripped and repaired them.

Physical description: Amatus stands tall and proud at an impressive 6’0 in height, and he certainly loves to emphasize the fact with his near-perfect posture. He’s nobility and he’s darn proud of it! His build is actually rather thin and narrow for such a violent troll, but his figure was naturally built like a dancer more than that of a bodybuilder. Thus, the muscle that’s there is present, but it’s not entirely developed, as besides for carving trolls up (or pailing) he really doesn’t do much other exercise. He has the slight hints of a six-pack going on, but otherwise he can appear weaker than he actually is at first. This tends to catch people off-guard. It’s also worth noting that he really prefers nimbly dancing around his dumb targets rather than charging at them like a bull, something that his lithe figure definitely helps with doing. Flowing through his veins is some of the finest indigo blood the hemospectrum has to offer. The only trolls above him are seadwellers, a fact that he accepts rather reluctantly.

He is actually a very attractive troll – then again, he kind of needs to be – considering that some view trolls as a horrible menace to Derse. His face is very well-proportioned, not too angular or too round and childish, allowing him to look dignified or soft when he needs to be. His fangs are rather reminiscent of a snake’s, and his teeth are also slightly pointed, though nothing near the shark-like proportions of some other trolls. His hair is a fluffy jet black and reaches down just below his chin, and with slight bangs in the front. It’s straight in style, and at times a bit spiky. And as for his horns…Well, he’s sometimes called a prince for a reason. His horns literally look like the frame of a crown. Not the stereotypical spiky wreath thing, but rather the more dignified royal crown. The main part of his two horns are like a cylindrical band around his forehead, coming out from above his temples and meeting at the front and the back. There they have started to twist together, and in adulthood they will have intertwined rather nicely. From each horn there are two “branches” that come out on its tops, one coming out near the front of his head and the other coming out near the back of his head. This is mirrored on the other side. They’ve grown up, arching above his head and coming in diagonally towards the middle. There all four points have met, and as he grows up they’ll being to twist together too. They’re of the same width as Vriska’s of Kanaya’s horns, in comparison, and the main circle about three fourths the thickness of Tavros’s. This rack is the result of recessive genes, and while it does look pretty, its size gives him trouble with brushing his hair or putting on clothes, and it’s begun to give him headaches due to its weight.

Going down from there, nothing much else can be noted, besides the fact that he’s quite hygienic, almost overly so, and is well-trimmed and clean on almost every occasion. His arms end in long, spidery fingers quite well suited for his sewing hobby, and he has long legs fit for any good runner. However, he’s not totally perfect. A fighter such as him can’t be totally unscarred unless they’re on the same level as the Grand Highblood and that's really kind of impossible. Across his chest is a rather distinct scar, starting at his left shoulder and going down diagonally, ending around where his ribcage ends. It was obtained after he duked it out with another troll during the whole revolution and massacre thing. As any troll and human he has a few other random marks here and there, but most of them come from his victims trying to fight back, or particularly feisty kismeses. The chest scar is just the most noticeable, and the thing he'll brag about or mope over the most, whatever'll grab the most emotion from the other party.

His outfits aren't all flashy and covered in baubles like that of most nobility. He would much rather go for a simpler, but far more effective appearance, one more spartan but, in his mind, far more suited for his species than the frilly trash that the humans wore. Because of his horns, he cannot wear normal tunics, and so his top is a button-down shirt. It's a very dark purple in color, and has the swirly highlights on the bottom half, though that's not seen much, mostly because there's a blazer on top of it that's the usual Dersite color instead, and honestly so much of the same color is kind of overdoing it. The blazer is fitted rather tightly, with a slight bit of shoulder padding to add some emphasis to his figure. The three buttons on it are shaped like the the typical crescent moon symbol that everyone wears, though on the upper right side of his blazer he instead has a different symbol stitched in an indigo shade. He's far too young to remember his own symbol, but he just thought this one was cool because it was a crown and it had an A on it just like his own name! His pants are the same shade of Dersite purple, and his shoes are simple black dress shoes. While his fashion is rather unorthodox, its lack of certain Skaian dress traditions just draws more attention to him, just as planned~

Background: Amatus did not remember much of his life on Alternia. Upon emerging from the caverns he was taken in by his lusus, a Tarantulizard. It was a rather imposing beast, having a spider's bristles all over it and eight long, spindly legs, but instead of scaring away the young troll they instead bonded rather quickly. He was adopted into an indigo tribe that was bordered by various other, but far more lowblooded tribes. It was here that he learned about what the hemospectrum was, for his tribe was not only in the center of the group. It absolutely controlled them. His tribe was quite practical. They did not engage in mindless culling just when they got bored. They had reasons for it, totally good reasons that to Skaians would still be absolutely horrible, but it was better than some other tribes who just mindlessly wasted what could be a future workforce!

He was to be tutored and become a Slaughtist, going out every now and then to harvest the other tribes for good culling candidates, and then use their dead bodies to create absolutely beautiful murals for the tribe. The little troll with two horns almost circling round his head would have had the time of his life. Maybe he would have even grown to treat the idea of quadrants normally instead of turning into a sex-crazed maniac, though honestly there probably wasn't much to change that fate. Hell, his tribe was just as nutty too, though in different ways; they would have encouraged it! He would have been a fit, healthy, exemplary example of a highblood, one that every noble should look up to, and one that those below should fear.

That life was swept away when the Skaians came to claim Alternia. All he remembered were the flames, and the hideous, mutant blood mingling with that of the trolls. He remembered how he could hardly tell the blood of the strange, carapaced creatures from the rustbloods. He remembered how they stuck a lance through his lusus, and how he hid in a place where they couldn't find him. He still remembers the indigo blood, same as his own, soaking his clothes and hands as he tried to cover the gaping hole in his custodian's chest. He still remembers how they burned down all of their beautiful tapestries of their hunts and battles decorating all of their hives, and how they destroyed the borders that separated the lowbloods from their tribe. Those lowbloods then joined in on the slaughter.

He doesn't remember if any others from his tribe survived, as there weren't many children like him. All Amatus knows is that at some time he was taken to Derse, and was given away to a rather ditzy carapace who clearly did not know what she was going to do with the child. The home they lived in was hardly what he would call a proper hive, either. It was about a fourth of the size of his former home, and it actually had less than fifteen rooms in it! Just two bedrooms, a kitchen, a den, and a study room. His guardian worked as an artist for one of Derse's sleazy gossip magazines, and her work was absolutely lifeless in his opinion. There was no color, no spark of life! At this age he didn't know exactly how to fix it, but all he knew was that his tribe's murals were far better.

The woman was honestly a nice lady, but her relationship with her charge was strained, at best. He was extremely violent when angry, and when he wasn't angry he was usually sneaking out into the alleys of the low district. He hated the clothes he was given, all because the plain tunic he wore was the exact same as the other trolls in the area, though perhaps their olive to brown blood color had something to do with his resentment. She came to actually appreciate when the troll went off to who-knows-where, because the older he got the less controllable he became. For someone who has experienced so many horrors he was surprisingly happy...at least until she said he had to go to bed or something of the like. Then he became an absolute horror. So she let him do as he wanted, whether it was gallivanting through the streets or going to see the older trolls.

He felt the most at home among his own kin. While none of them were even fit for the role that his guardian supplied, the older highbloods were quite happy to see a troll that genuinely wanted to know about the glory of his former homeworld. They taught him everything they knew, whether it was tales of glorious battles or just basic troll etiquette, like the hemospectrum. His favorite day, however, was when they showed him a collection of all recorded symbols. They said that the symbols were a sign of individuality among every troll; it made them unique even in tribes of the least distinguished lowbloods. He saw one that he rather liked, which bore likeness to a crown. They said it could be his symbol if he wanted, and of course, he accepted the gracious offer. They also taught him of the quadrants, though he didn't pay it much mind at the time.

When he reached the age to move out of his guardian's home he did so extremely quickly, though the event was a relief to both parties involved. However, instead of apprenticing in a job he found himself turning to...less upstanding means. You see, he had finally reached the age where he knew what love was, and he didn't want to turn back. His first "love" was a flushed relationship with a tealblood, and he ended up leeching money off of her. Sure, he did dabble in art sometimes, but the colors were too boring! All black and white, and no real creativity at all! So he remained as a parasite on the relationship, though he returned to favor with much love on his part.

A month and a half later, and he found that she was being tempted to visit another troll, and one of much lower blood at that. Needless to say, he was pissed off beyond all belief. She had obviously not had the enlightened education that he possessed, for she was missing one of the most basic rules of the quadrants. You just didn't leave a perfectly viable matespritship for some vagabond pissblood! When she came home that night, she would be greeted with not a joyous smile from her lover, but rather a knife to the skull. After she slumped over dead, he proceeded to stab her more and more. Perhaps it was from shock, being his first murder, which would shake anyone no matter what species they were, but he just couldn't stop staring at the blood pouring out of her. So teal, so fluid, so...


No one could ever know. He stashed the blood and tossed the body, and then returned to his home. He learned that teal made a delicious change from the plain grayscale of Derse's usual art. But of course, if he was caught testing art materials with the blood of a dead troll, he'd be dead himself, or worse. And so he kept the habit hidden, though some noticed over time that his quadrants seemed to fly in and out more quickly than usual. He remained a perfectly amiable indigo on the outside, but behind closed doors he unleashed the rage his caste was so well known for onto his unwitting quadrants the minute he felt they stepped out of line. Only the elder highbloods knew about his habits, and honestly? They praised him for it, though they weren't so eager to think of his romantic pursuits.

When the Condesce rebelled he joined in almost instantaneously. One of the older trolls had told him he could paint all the walls of Derse with the blood of the subjugated. It was an offer he didn't even think about refusing. The murals were quite beautiful, superficially, with many of them having horrorterror motifs in lieu of the Empress's deceased lusus. However, all of them were made of nothing but death. Every color of blood, except for tyrian and violet (not counting the cowardly sympathizers), contributed to those morbid masterpieces. Even the bright, disgusting red from humans and carapaces could be seen. He never really dedicated himself to using a signature weapon, switching from a club to a knife to sometimes his sewing needles, though what he used to kill them wasn't important.

Of course when the Empress came into power she had the tapestries on the streets removed much like all of the other bloodstains littering the city, as they could be quite unsettling to the public eye. However, he still engages in commissions to highbloods and whoever else can afford it, though it's not like humans or carapaces would even consider wanting his work. Recently he's grown a bit uneasy with their presence in the high places of Derse. Due to his purist beliefs and maybe even a bit of childhood loathing, he has the honest belief that they should be expelled to Skaia or anywhere else away from the trolls. Even lowbloods would be better! Just a hope for a troll-only nobility isn't enough for him; he plans on worming his way into the high places of society where maybe, just maybe, he can get something to work.

That is, if he doesn't stop flirting with the nearest grey-skinned humanoid with a pulse.

OOC: Oh my gosh I feel horrible putting Ammy here when there was a whole bunch of stuff on this forum not being about shipping I swear I didn't make him just to have my ~*~dream ships~*~ come true pffffffft. Like srsly he can do lots of stuff he’s just a dumb animu. Anyways my name is Luna_Cat16 and you can call me Luna! I have been looking for a one RP forum for Homestuck for like 5ever and wow I found one and yes??? Yes. Nice to meet ya’ll.

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PostSubject: Re: Amatus Esteli - The Bloodsoaked Dauber   Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:49 am

Character sheet accepted! Sorry for being so long!

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Amatus Esteli - The Bloodsoaked Dauber

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