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 Diary of Nayeli/Velani/Antias

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PostSubject: Diary of Nayeli/Velani/Antias   Diary of Nayeli/Velani/Antias EmptyThu Dec 20, 2012 2:57 pm

Date: January 5th

Today, I received a gift from a young lowblood who lives nearby. His name is Aarush, apparently he is a friend of a friend of mine. We've hung out from time to time, but never in my hive, no. Being a high blood makes coming to my lawnring pretty dangerous for lowbloods. I'm not particularly a fan of lowbloods either, but my friends are obsessed with them. They say that they're "super funny". I guess they're right, I don't know. I haven't really spoken to any of them to figure it out for myself yet.

But Aarush gave me this little book for my 6th sweep Wriggling day. He said that he noticed how I liked to write a lot, so when he saw it he thought of me. I felt so stupid. All I could do was stare at him dumbly and take the book. I didn't even tell him to fuck off. Well, I stuttered a bit, but that's about all I did. Aileen (a lower blood than me but one of my closest friends) said that he liked me. Duh, he'd be a fucking idiot to buy something for someone he hated!

Anyway, maybe the next time I see him I'll throw this thing back in his face.

Oh shit I can't! I already wrote it in! Cogsucker!

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Posts : 14
Join date : 2012-11-14
Location : On the border of Heaven and Hell...well...more hell...Derse
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PostSubject: Diary of Nayeli/Velani/Antias    Diary of Nayeli/Velani/Antias EmptyThu Dec 20, 2012 9:34 pm

Date: February 14th

I'm sorry I didn't update sooner. I actually forgot all about this stupid thing. Gog, it is like...

Why am I even doing this? It's not like anyone will ever fucking see it!

Anyway. My time has been tolerable. I believe the last entry I said I was going to whip this damn thing back into Aarush's face? Yeah, well I didn't. I actually thanked him because well...


I'm trying! I'm trying to be a little more tolerable! Aileen said that I needed to be more tolerable because me being a complete dick to everyone else was going to ensure me never filling my quadrants bluh!

Like I even want to fill them, it's just...stupid. The whole thing is stupid! Stupid stupid stupid and Aarush agrees! Actually, I never mentioned that. Here I am blabbering on and on and on and I didn't mention the most important part of what I'd been doing. Well. It was about two weeks ago. Aileen and some of my other stupid friends were visiting her stupid lowblood friends at some stupid lowblood bash or what-the-fuck ever. And I felt horribly out of place -mainly because they were all dancing and acting like fucking heathens.

So I'm sitting there on a bench, might as well have my digits rammed up my waste shute, and I'm staring at everyone else having this grand old fucking time. Dancing and cussing like they didn't even give a shit and stuff like that. Foul mouthed peasants. (I just realized I swore like...every other word in this. You know what? I don't care, I need to vent!) And I'm holding this fruity little drink thing or whatever prepared by a deaf girl who like...SEES music like some sort of...FREAK. And suddenly I notice that someone sits next to me. I look over and I see that it's that friggin yellow blood Aarush in a gay yellow sweater with short black flippy hair and a black hoodie on all unzipped and stuff, and the sweater is like...flesh. Just...hugging his body in all the right ways that leaves little to the imagination.

Next thing I fucking know, I'm all staring at him and stuff like...drooling and shit! Wtf brain!? He ignores me for the most part until he catches me oogling the tightness of his pants to which he just stares in return. So I like...catch his expression-

Page 2

and just all stop and stare at him and am like. "Hopy shit". And he doesn't freak or anything! He just grins like an asshole and leans back and for the first time I actually heard him speak. Like...legit. And he says.

"If you want I can take my thhirt off" And I just stop because he has the BIGGEST lisp I have ever heard. Like, I've heard other lisps from other trolls but that's because their teeth and shit, but Aarush just sounds like...I didn't even know! And so, I couldn't help but start laughing at how funny he sounded. And he was like...staring at me like "Wtf is wrong with you?"

Oops, sorry. "Wtf ith wrong with you" LOL

And I was like "Wow, nice lisp there peasant. Are your fangs in your purse?" I really don't know why I said THAT but it came out. And he cocked an eyebrow, his smile vanishing for a second. Then suddenly, his grin was back, and out snapped his tongue!

It was like...fucking split down the middle and shit! And not just forked, it was like...all the way back! So naturally I screamed like a little bitch and fell out of my seat, spilling my drink all over me because that's what us highbloods do when a lowblood spits his germs at us. By now everyone in the place is staring at me, and some are laughing. I feel like the biggest loser on the planet. I'm sure that Aarush can see it too.

So he stands up and offers me his nasty nub grabber and helps me up. It was weird, because this whole time, I had no idea that we were actually in his Hive until he got me a fresh shirt and threw mine in a pile to be washed. While I felt vile for wearing his shirt, I was also flattered. By the end of the night I found myself talking to him openly and even insulting him -which he acted as if I was joking. I think that...maybe...this will be the first lowblood I actually like??

I hope not!

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Diary of Nayeli/Velani/Antias

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