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 Velani Alsuhi- The Independent Activist

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PostSubject: Velani Alsuhi- The Independent Activist   Wed Dec 05, 2012 9:47 am

Name: Velani Alsuhi (Antias Milani)

Gender: Male

Age: 17 humans years, 8 Solar Sweeps.

Race: Troll

Kingdom: Derse.

Psychological traits:

Velani is a rather indifferent person infront of other people. He is mostly quiet and distant, and when asked for his opinion his default reply is usually "I don't care" or "Whatever sinks the pond log." He seems irritable most of the time, but holds his tongue. While he may sometimes have a short fuse temper wise, he keeps his comments to himself, having the utmost respect for others.

When alone Velani is a completely different person. When in public he may seem stuffy, silent and an assholish, indifferent prick, he is actually very outgoing, loud and passionate when around his guardian or alone. Or rather when he thinks he's alone. He believes that Art and acting is the most important thing there is in the world and while tells people that he hates politics, he loves arguing his views with others. He also has a violent love for fashion but he keeps that a secret from most other people thinking that it would be embarrassing enough if someone found out he would love to be an actor -which most likely would never happen, not after Alternia was destroyed. When alone or around his guardian he smiles, laughs and even sings quite frequently. When asked about why he doesn't act like this all of the time -by his guardian- he says it's because he doesn't trust anyone to see how he really is. The less people know about him accurately, the safer he'll remain.

Velani has multiple personality disorder, hosting one other personality within himself. Velani's split personality is a female troll by the name of Antias Milani, a blue blooded aristocrat and sometimes trouble maker. Whenever she takes over Velani's body, she acts dignified and hostile towards other trolls, causing tension between the lowbloods, and praising the higher bloods as if they were Gods calling them on more than one occassion "My people." She is selfish, rude, hostile and all around a big friggin bitch. She's always willing to set anyone with a "lower" blood than her up to be thrown in prison or killed.

Physical description:

Velani is about 5'5" with shortish black hair, styled in an almost spikey, but fashionable manner. He has four huge horns, one on either side curving out, up and back to meet in the middle, shaping almost like the upper part of an hour glass, and the lower two curve up, following his cheeks down and curving up towards the bottom before pointing back down. He normally wears an short purple tunic fit for a woman. It has a high neck that vanishes beneath a fashionable purple neckbrace with a cerulean stone. The sleeves are slightly baggy with an almost intricate lacey design on the bottom of the torso as it leads down into the skirt. Sometimes when Antias doesn't take over he wears a purple male tunic which is very similar to his female tunic, only a little more bland. Because both Velani has an obsession with fashion, he has tailored the original outfit -the pj looking outfits- into what they are now, customizing them. With is male outfit he also wears the neckbrace. With the stone he gives the appearance the infact is a blue blood, when in reality his blood is mustardish yellow -Sollux's color.

Physically there's very little difference between Velani and Antias, except for posture and the way they present themselves. Velani keeps his arms crossed most of the time and tends to keep his head down. Antias on the other hand keeps her arms to her sides, her back straight, her head high and stands proud. But also, those who are aware of Velani's condition say that when she takes over Velani's body, her eyes lighten just a little bit, changing slightly in hue to a more bluish grey and the hair seems longer, her eyes seeming more devious as well. Which isn't true. His eyes naturally change from time to time. But when she does take over, his hair is styled differently, less swept to the side and flatter to her head instead of sticking out as far, and her eyes are a little more narrow than his (only because she squints a bit).


Wiggling Day

Velani was born on Alternia. When he was just a little wiggler he made his way deep into the caves of which he was concieved, happy go lucky as if nothing could go wrong and curiously poked through everything. Unfortunately as the saying goes, "Curiosity killed the Wiggler" he was checking out a small crater -divot to a normal sized person- when suddenly part of a stalagmite crumbled and rolled, landing over the divot, cracking his small, curve horns down the middle and trapping his head in the small hole. He squealed in pain as his horns cracked down to the foundation and cried. He didn't move, crying and squeaking until the pain subsided. Then when the random colors finished dancing infront of his eyes he attempted to pull his head free and flee far away from the hurties.

He pulled, but couldn't get his head unstuck. He squeaked for a second, confused, then tried it again. Again his head didn't budge, his chin scraping the divotted rock around his neck. He began panicking, tears streaming down his face as he squeaked over and over again. He dug his little wiggler arms into the rock trapping his head and pushed, but it didn't budge. He struggled frantically with it, squealing, squeaking and crying. Finally, after 30 minutes, and him just about to give up, the rock budged and he pulled his head free. He sat there for several hours, curled up on the cave floor, not wanting to go near another divot in the ground ever again.

Leaving Alternia

Not long after emerging from his troll cuccoon Alternia came under attack -or something of that nature. Still very young, Velani found himself being moved from the place he was supposed to live in for a good many years to another place. A purple planet. It was a few days after his Lusus was killed which the young troll found devastating even though his relationship with the lusus was short lived.

Velani found himself amongst a crowd of other smaller trolls, ones about his age he guessed who were in the same predicament he was. Too young to fend for themselves, scared, confused, angry. Not too far away from them, a few odd looking creatures in all black were looking at the trolls, some with disgust or discontent, some with pity, and some with adoration. It was then that Velani met his new guardian. A black Carapace with kind eyes.

He was taken home and given food and a place to sleep. Velani, being confused as to what was going on and still having trust issues from when he got his head stuck in that crater as a wiggler, didn't touch the food and didn't sleep. He refused to do anything but sit by a window and stare out into the purple city for three or four days. His guardian realized that it was no good and handed him a lock. Velani looked at it for a second, confused as to what it was. His guardian told him that it was to keep him safe, if anything ever tried to hurt him, he should go to the nearest room and put it on the doorknob, it would lock the door and keep anyone out.

Velani doubted it, but took the item anyway. He used it when he felt nervous or wanted to be alone. After the fourth day, he retired to his new bedroom and slept for a day and a half. He awoke to a fresh meal and a happy face, but he refused to show any grateful feelings towards the stranger. His guardian however, understood that the child -probably due to being a troll- naturally had trust issues and allowed the boy to adapt when he was ready. In the mean time, he had a lot to learn.

A Guardian Never Gives Up!

Over the next few years his guardian learned all he could about the trolls. Their language, their history, their breeding habits and culture. But all of that knowledge never prepared him for what was developing before him.

Velani, as he grew, his split horns decided that they were going to split off, one half of each split curving up from their curved, cheeck following form. They formed an whole new set of horns that grew up straight, thick and heavy. But that wasn't all that grew. Velani had gotten used to calling the Carapace Pappi, but soon other names came out, horrible names. Pappi didn't understand them at first. He didn't understand why suddenly the child would look up from whatever activity he was occupying himself with and call him "Filthy shitblood" or "Slave".

But the phases didn't last long each time at first, and when asked about it, Velani would draw a blank, not understanding what he was talking about. Over time, as the horns grew larger, the longer and more often that malicious side emerged. That was when Pappi realized that it was another personality all together.

Pappi did his best to keep up with the personality, often keeping him from leaving the house wearing dresses, but sometimes he was unsuccessful. After a few years of snapping out of it and changing back into boy clothing, Velani gave up fighting it and remained wearing the dresses, no longer caring. Soon the boy, in this state, started calling himself by the name Antias. Pappi found himself encumbered between keeping Velani's wellbeing in check, and Antias from threatening the other Carapaces and trolls with death. But that wouldn't be the entire list of his problems.

As Velani's horns grew bigger, he began hurting himself more. Somedays he'd lay in bed and cry, his neck stiff, or swollen from the weight of his horns. But he also found himself massaging the childs neck and temples in an attempt to subset the massive, blinding migraines the boy was plagued with from time to time -number steadily increasing due to the heaviness of the horns, putting excessive pressure on the front of his skull.

It pained Pappi to see Velani like this, but he wasn't sure what to do until a thought hit him like a bucket of bricks. For Velani's 9th "birthday" Pappi installed a track system across the ceiling of the house on each floor that was attached to a sling. The sling would retain tightness as was traveled and would wrap around Velani's horns, so that as he walked around the house, most of the weight would be lifted off, and for the times when Velani couldn't use his sling system, he was given a stylish, expensive neckbrace so as to give him extra support.

Birth of Antias Milani

At around the age of 7 or so (when Velani's horns began to grow and he started to be plagued with headaches), Velani had taken a great interest in leaving the house even when his Carapace guardian had told him no. Velani always believed he was more mature than most children, and for some aspects he was. He found great interest in learning about Derse, and Prospit. He enjoyed learning history, music and art. He found severe love for acting through watching salvaged troll films and Carapace plays. He would spend hours in his room to start with, belting out poetry dramatically, and eventually in the middle of the livingroom for his Carapace guardian. His Guardian would sew little costumes for him and together they'd create little scripts. But Pappi never thought that these would become dangerous.

One night, Velani asked if he could go outside. There had been some discord in the center of town -a couple fights between higher bloods and low blooded trolls. Knowing the color of the boys blood, he knew that he would be a target for any highbloods. So he told Velani no, that it was too late outside, and while there was some argument, the boy eventually stomped his feet and turned, running off to bed. Pappi couldn't bring himself to tell the boy that members of his own race wanted him dead. He could live with tonights fussing, and cursing and the painful "I hate you"'s that were thrown his way, as long as boy stayed safe.

Unfortunately, the boy wanted to be free. He wanted to go outside and run through the streets of Derse in his new outfit made especially for him by his Pappi, and he wasn't about to let the Carapace stop him. Shutting the door behind him, he cut accross his bedroom to the balcony off the back. There was a ladder leading down the side of the house and to the ground incase the downstairs was ever blocked off for a reason. He shut the balcony door behind him, putting a small wad of cloth where the latch was so that it wouldn't close completely, but at the same time would hold the door closed so that it wouldn't cause any suspicion with temperature difference.

Turning he carefully climbed over the railing and down the ladder. Instead of heading around to the front, he took the alley through behind the building next to theirs and continued running, not emerging out into the streets until he was far enough away to not be seen incase his guardian decided to look out the windows.

He wandered around for a couple hours, smiling brightly at some of the surprised expressions and compliments the people around him had. His ego was inflating, and this was one of the first times he'd ever really smiled in public. He was proud of himself and he was proud of his purple, glittering fairyesce outfit and glittering, purple leggings. Unfortunately, he became too cocky and continued farther and farther away from home, leaving the safer compounds of the "good" Neighborhood and soon became lost in a twisting and turning network of mazes, composed of alleyways.

He stopped, realizing that he'd gone too far and turned around, deciding to head back, but he hadn't been watching where he was going. He didn't know how to get back. He began walking back the way he came, but after an hour or so he found himself getting even more lost than before. The thought that he was never going to get home danced through his head, taunting him. He knew he did something bad, and he knew he was going to get in trouble. Suddenly, all of the pride and confidence he had in him before was gone.

Turning, heading down another long alleyway, the sound of voices reached his ears. He stopped and smiled, his hands wringing the bottom of the fairyesce tunic, but faded as soon as it appeared when one of them spoke.

"What are we doing here?" It was a woman, a very high, and mighty sounding woman who spoke with very crisp, clean words. "I'll tell you what we're doing." The sound of a pipe cracking against a hard object rang through out the vacant alleyways, then a strangled cry. "Cleaning the streets of shit bloods like you." She hissed. "Oh yes, and no one will find you. Soon, Derse will be ours, because after you the humans will vanish, one, by one, then the Carapaces, and in the end, Derse will belong to me."

He stood still when another crack reached his ears, then the sound of a body hitting the pavement. He could see shadows on the wall ahead of him. About three, or four other people were with her, and soon, a puddle of green blood emerged from around the corner of the alleyway walls, filling the cracks on the purple stone. Velani's breath hitched as he stared at it, then the sound of heels clicking against the sidewalk reached his ears.

His head snapped up, as he saw first, a pair of shoes emerge from the alleyway, then a pair of tight purple skinny jeans, followed by a tunic like shirt until the entire figure emerged. She stopped when she saw him, a pipe draped over her shoulders. Their eyes connected. She was older than him, much older. Possibly 17 years old. "Well hello there little boy." She smiled, green blood on her face. Her friends followed her out into his section of the alleyway and turned, looking at him. The leader had a tattoo on her upper arm, set on display by her rolled up shirt sleeve, tattoo'd with the color of her blood and bloodline symbol. Her friends also adorned the same tattoo's, blue, indigo, cerulean. He swallowed hard and looked up at her. He knew very little about the hemospectrum, but he did know that blue was above yellow, and that terrified him. "What's the matter child?" She brought the pipe down to her side and took a step towards him. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." She smiled kindly, but Velani could see the deceit in that smile.

"I...I should go home." He whispered, taking a step back.

"Where do you live? I'll walk you home." She held a blood covered hand out to him, her other hand holding the pipe loosely at her side.

"I'm sorry, I don't need to be walked home. I-I got it." He whispered, then turned around. "Thank you anyway." Her smile faded behind his back, her fingers gripping the handle of the pipe tightly. She pulled her hand back, pulling the pipe back behind her head. Her friends looked to her shocked, hoping she was just playing around.
"How" She let her hand fly, smashing the kid on the back of the skull with it, knocking him to the ground. "rude." Her friends both screamed and closed their eyes, a couple even hiding their faces. Velani fell to the ground and squirmed. The pipe had hit his horns harder than his skull, breaking some skin at the base. His vision flashed red as he reached back, grabbing for the spot that made contact with the weapon. Reaching down she grabbed his hand and pulled it away, blood splashing onto her hand. "Ah, that's why." She smiled. Grabbing him by the horns she lifted him to his knees. "Yellow bloods, are always rude shit dwellers." She hissed.

He cried, reaching up to grab his horns as well. The pipe had broken the flesh at the base, with more gravity taking his body the more he felt it rip. His head pulsed, his ears making everything sounds like murmurs. Everything but her voice. "Too bad, you're cute." Suddenly his horns went right back to normal weight, and a pressure was applied to his throat, cold hands gripped his neck. He gasped and attempted to look down, his oxygen being cut off, but all he saw was her sadistic expression. He struggled, his hands wrapping around her wrists as he attempted to force air into his lungs. She didn't squeeze much harder than it took to keep him from breathing.

Soon the pounding in his head increased, his vision starting to turn black. His throat started to ache, and then, there was blackness.

He woke up once again in a chair in the center of a dark room. To him, it looked like a corny kidnapping scene from a movie he'd watched, but it had a completely different feel to it. His head throbbed so hard that his teeth pulsed. The sound of heels clicking on the floor caught his attention and he looked up frightened. The light flipped on. The woman from the alleyway stood not even 9 feet away from him, surrounded by her friends, her arms crossed. "Glad to see you woke up." She grinned. He attempted to say something, but his tongue hit an object that kept his teeth from touching. A cloth. "You don't need to say much." She whispered, walking forward. "I don't make it a habit, keeping children alive." She stood infront of him. Reaching forward she pushed his horns back, making his head tilt up to look at her. "But you'll be an exception." She sneered, her teeth flashing.

"You see, you remind me of someone." She carried on. "Oh how I absolutely hate him." She paced back and forth. "He always disobeys me like the common shit blood he is, like you are." She looks at him. "But because he's not here," a sadistic smirk stretched across her face. Her hand snapped out, grabbing his jaw. "I'll have to teach you in his place." She shook his head as she spoke, then lightly slapped his cheeks before pulling away. Grabbing the bottom of her shirt she hiked it up and above her head, then stripped from her pants. Feeling shocked and frightened, Velani looked away, tears coming to his eyes.

"Look at me." She demanded. He didn't budge, his head remaining turned. "I SAID LOOK!" She shrieked and grabbed the boys head, whipping it to face her. With the sudden motion and the heaviness of his horns, his neck cracked. He stifled a screech and looked at her, a tear escaping down his cheek. "You see this?" She laughed, taking a step back, her arms spread out at her sides, proudly displaying her nude body. "This is superiority. This is perfection!" She cackled, then quickly, she leaned forward and roughly pulled his hand free from his binding and forced his hand against her chest. "Touch it, know what purity feels like." She hissed, her forehead against his. He screamed, some of the flesh breaking at the knuckles as the bindings were forced off.

He tried to pull his hand free but she held onto it tightly, squeezing harder around his wrist the longer he attempted to pull it away. "This is what the top of the hemospectrum feels like," She hissed as she rubbed her nose violently against his. "This," She forced her hand up the front of his tunic, grabbing his chest. "Is filthy, filthy little shit blood fuck" She cackled. Stepping off to the side she pointed at her friends, one by one "Superior," She jammed her finger against his chest again, "Filthy" she pointed at the next person standing across the room, "Superior" then back to him. "Disgusting. Get it?" She smiled.

"Hey," One of her friends spoke up. "You're really acting weird." It was a male, the tallest and bulkiest of the group. She whirled around and shrieked, her eyes open wide.

"Did I ask you?" She snarled.

"He's right, this is borderline pornographic. You shouldn't take your Kismesis out on this child just because he looks like-" Suddenly her pipe flew across the room, beaming him in the head. Velani stared at her horrified, his hand still forced against her bare stomach.

"This has nothing to do with him!" She screeched, her face contorted in rage. "You idiots are just as bad as the lowbloods, all men are!" She hissed. The others looked at her for a long second, then turned, leaving. "Don't go out with those assholes." the highblood infront of her whispered, turning back to look at the young boy. "Their proper place is guarding the door. Come here." A single girl remained in the room, then walked over, her short hair grazing her jawline. She stood by the womans side. The nude girl stepped to the side and grabbed his horns once again, handing them to her friend.

The short haired girl took his horns and looked down into the eyes of the frightened child. Her eyes were blank, her face expressionless. Bending down the nude woman grinned, her eyes burrowing deep into his. "I'll admit, this has somethings to do with him." She reached forward, grabbing the boys throat. "You're just cursed with his looks. All of you filthy, shitblooded lowbloods all look the same." Reeling her arm back, she let it fly. All the boy saw was a fist, then darkness.

He woke up laying in the middle of the street with a broken nose and a pulsing headache. A few Carapaces were standing around him, looking at him confused. Suddenly, a familiar figure emerged. Pappi pushed through the crowd and ran to his side, sweeping the boy into his arms. Velani's hair was messed up, his clothes torn and he was aching. But surprisingly enough, he was clean. No visible bruises, no blood anywhere that was noticeable. Picking the boy up the Carapace carried him off back to the house. He was angry, terrified, confused and relieved all in one.

He got the boy looked over, Velani escaping with a couple broken ribs, a broken nose and bruises all over his body. His guardian didn't ask, instead, all he did was hold him tightly, refusing to let go. He didn't want to let anything else happen to his young housemate. And even if he did ask eventually, Velani didn't remember anything that happened. All he remembered was that hate filled sadistic expression.

Slow to Trust

It took a few years for all of the progress that the Carapace had made with the child to regain after that frightening night. Velani never blamed the elder, but he was still paranoid, and soon the split personality began to appear. Pappi didn't know the extent of the trauma that Velani had endured, and he was unaware that the personality was a result from it. At most, he thought that the child had gotten into a fist fight with a couple kids, he never thought that he was dangling by the merciful hand of a hemospectrum crazy troll and her posse. But around the age of 9, things started looking up and Velani now thought of the Carapace like a father and felt proud to admit that he was his guardian. Over time, his attitude changed around the Carapace as well, going from elusive, introvert to outgoing and talkative.

Pappi enjoyed the company of Velani and thought very well of him like it was his own son. As Velani grew up, Pappi taught him everything he could about Alternia. What he understood of the culture, language and even the mating habits. Althoug Velani thought it was interesting, he didn't rightfully care about the doomed planet he was born on, that was in the past and nothing was going to change that.


By the time Velani hit his teen years, Pappi was fighting to end the tension that still existed between the Carapaces, trolls and humans. His "Equality" talks earned him a lot of rolled eyes, but no one did anything much worse than that. That is, until Condesce. Velani and his guardian were vaguely aware of what was going on until it was too late. Unfortunately, because of his peace talks, Pappi had become one of the first targetted.

Velani did his own peace keeping by himself, supporting everyone living together harmoniously as much as possible, but as descretely as possible. When the subject was brought up, he'd usually mention things like "I don't hate highbloods or lowbloods. I think if everyone keeps to their own damn business we should all be allowed to do what we want." While out and about in the city with a few friends he had made -one was a love interest, not quite determined yet if it was a Kismesis or not- the rampant group of trolls who supported Condesce flooded the city, killing all low bloods and weak Carapaces they could.

Overhearing the news from a Carapace, he rushed home to see that Pappi had been murdered in their own home. At first, he felt intense anger and sorrow, then felt numb. As he stared at his dead father, the sadistic image of that female trolls face flashed in the back of his mind. He didn't know who she was, or what she had done, but he knew it was her. He did what he could with the body, hiding it so it wouldn't be disturbed, then went into hiding. He knew it was too dangerous to go out and about alone, he would be murdered without a second thought.

While he feared for his life, he didn't hide away because he wanted to live. He was pissed and wanted desperately to find the troll who killed his guardian, slow and painfully, and as he thought of all the ways he could torture the bitch. He also promised, the words in the back of his mind that he would do all in his power to help anyone who needed it. If not just to spite the sadistic bitch, but to help out those his own father had fought for. After all, he shared his Pappi's thoughts on how they should live harmoniously.

Using his extensive knowledge of stage makeup, he crafted arm covers with the texture of flesh. Under the first couple layers were small blood packets with fake troll blood in them. This was for cautionary purposes. If approached and asked what color his blood was, he'd cut the arm, showing him the fake blood, they'd see it, realize he was a blue blood and walk away when really he was a lowblood. That and he was fairly good at convincing people things, twisting their minds around to make them hate him or like him although he didn't use his gifts often, it would help him out in the long run until he found his guardians murderer. If he found his guardians murderer.

He sat at a desk in his room, contemplating what he could do in the mean time while he searched for any clues. He had heard word from some of his friends that people who are trying to flee the city are being murdered, that there were no safe places for lowerbloods to hide. He also heard that his kismesis was also murdered.

He decided that he was going to set up a safe passage, possibly underground to a safe house where he could help lowbloods and Carapaces flee to, but he couldn't make flyers. He relayed the message to a couple of his friends and set up a safe route to a safe house. The safehouse was originally a house that would be used as a shelter during the war incase the city came under extreme attack. It wasn't widely known about, and if any highblood found it, Velani could easily make a quick end of them.

Over the years he had begun exercising his mind in an attempt to limit how often Antias surfaced without his knowing. He even attempted to see if he could voluntarilly give up control to allow her to take over. It wasn't a problem, she was always willing on taking over his body, but when he wanted to take control back was the real fight. Antias never wanted to surrender the body, and in the small amount of time she had control he'd always end up with some new wounds, but it was minimal compared to what she could do. With her mannerisms, it would make his disguise as a high blood almost flawless, but there were still the threats that lingered that A) They'd catch on he had a split personality B) Knew the color of his blood from when he was younger or C) Ended up cutting anywhere other than his arms. After all, it would be impossible to explain why his arms bled blue and his body bled yellow.

He gathered all of the necessities he could and prepared himself mentally and emotionally to face the murderer of his loved ones, and to single handidly take on every pissed off highblood in the city while searching for the one that killed his guardian. This is NOT the kind of movie he always wanted to be in.

OOC: My name is Dee, I'm a female and I've been roleplaying since I was 5 years old -first it was ninja turtles, then Sailormoon then DBZ and Pokemon. I'm an admin for 3 dead RP sites, one never actually ever took breath. Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3 and New Vegas and Hetalia. I've only been reading Homestuck for about a month

Website: http://velani-and-maurina.tumblr.com/

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PostSubject: Re: Velani Alsuhi- The Independent Activist   Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:52 am

Alright, overall, your character is ok! The parallel with Velani’s horns and his two personalities is pretty neat! However, there are a few things I would like you to fix.

The split personality is ok but for roleplay purpose (and to avoid OP characters), I will ask you to limit it to two personalities, Velani and Antias. It would be nice if you can elaborate on how Antias learned about how blue bloods act. I mean, if she lived alone with her guardian, she would never have learned that red blood was considered filthy on Alternia. You should introduce some kind of mentor... or at least, make up something about her witnessing some bullying between blood casts!

Regarding the blood color, the rules state there are only a few blood color available (namely the canon ones) so your character’s blood color will be the same as Sollux. Please correct that.

Also, I will have to ask you to remove the part about their body changing (longer hair and changing eyes color) when they switch personality... this is simply impossible. The change has to be psychological only!

For the outfit, I’m sorry but what you describe doesn’t fit in the AU. Sneakers are a no-no. Like you read, this AU is renaissance-ish and since your character is part of the people, he would wear regular tunics (more complicated versions of the dreamer pajamas). They only wear purple clothes so you can’t have him were his crest on his clothes. However, if you absolutely want to incorporate the fact that he wears blue, you can make him wear a jewel of some sort, or even blue make up! Also, I don’t have a problem with him wearing dresses because of Antias. Just make sure it’s regular female dersite outfit!

The part about his interests got me a little confused. What do you mean by “which most likely would never happen, not after Alternia was destroyed.”? He lived only one year on Alternia... and even then, Alternia was a violent, uncivilised land. No acting or art there! His passion for acting and art must be something he developed on Derse!

I like the fact he carries on with his guardian’s mission to hide refugees! Just make sure it fits with his fake “I don’t care” personality!

Lastly, please note that yellow bloods can’t mind control, they have psychic powers like telekinesis. But considering the fact your character already has a split personality, I think that would be too much.

In fact, I think I will ask you to choose between two things. The fact Velani can sort of summon Antias at will is a little unrealistic considering it’s a mental sickness and I don’t think people can control their personalities in real life (I will change my mind if you can find serious proof though). So here’s the deal: either Velani can control her, either he has telekinetic powers! (I’m pretty sure his psychic powers would help to control her) Your choice!

I know that’s a little much but once all of this is fixed, you’ll be ready to play!

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PostSubject: Re: Velani Alsuhi- The Independent Activist   Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:27 am

Ok Hopefully this is a little bit better
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PostSubject: Re: Velani Alsuhi- The Independent Activist   Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:30 pm

Alright, character sheet accepted. Have fun!

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Velani Alsuhi- The Independent Activist

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