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 Her Imperious Condescension - The Empress

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Imperious Condescension
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PostSubject: Her Imperious Condescension - The Empress   Mon Oct 08, 2012 1:33 am


She has many names, from "The Empress" to Sea Bitch Sea Hitler just "Her".

She's descended from a long line of tyrian blooded trolls, and on Alternia she always knew she was destined to rule others. As a young troll, she was easily fascinated by things she found new ans interesting and loved to figure how things-including other trolls- worked. However, it was quite easy for a troll to lose any trace of childhood innocence when constantly exposed to violence between her species and warring tribes. She noticed that the current empress had the power to completely shift the nature of the planet and a want for that power planted seeds of ambition within her. She herself never outwardly bullied lowbloods, but instead acted incredibly cold towards them, refusing to interact or even look at one of her own volition. She instead prepared to become a ruler, studying the art of war and manipulation. This resulted in her avoiding all social interaction besides ordering her subordinates around.

After sweeps upon sweeps, she reached the top tier of power when the former empress died. There were and still are rumors that the Condesce had a hand in her death, but even the Condesce herself has never acknowledged it. She took great advantage of her power, issuing acts that favored highbloods (especially sea dwellers).

She was already many sweeps old when the great war over Alternia began. She at first dismissed it, but as the threats of both dersian and prospitian troops grew more prominent, she ordered the imperial drones to action.

However, their forces recieved a lot of damage from both opposing armies, and before long the planet and many of its occupants were decimated. By the time the war ended, most of the trolls has left, and the Condesce, defeated and throneless, went to derse with a growing resentment over both her lost power, her planet... and her people. She also had resentment for the human race, one becaus they were considered higher class than trolls and also a deep, subconscious contempt for their red blood. She found it preposterous that the prince was human, and despised how smug he looked when in her eyes, he did nothing to earn his position.

She also despised the black queen, both because she had what she used to have, and because of the way she seemed to allow the trolls to be treated lesser.

She met Jack Noir by chance, and she gained a grudging respect for his knowledge of combat, despite him being a carapace. She learned of his growing distaste for the queen and saw it as a chance to seize power again.

She wanted to keep up the same sort of hierarchy, and knew that in order to keep the highbloods in high social standing her successor must be a seadweller. She met a young seadweller that somehow managed to impress her enough (her blood color helped) to be called princess. She met another seadweller as well, one she easily found had quadrant issues with the future princess. She offered him the role of prince if he helped her overthrow the Black Queen and he agreed.

She's developed a strangesoft spot for the princess, one she masks as concern for the future empress.

Working with him, disgruntled highbloods lured by the promise of their former power restored, and agents, she successfully overthrew the queen.

But she still isn't satisfied.

She's still filled with an incredible lust for more power. She wants thousands of subjects to not only fear her, but to love and admire her. She wants Prospit too.

And she's certain she will get it, it's just a matter of time.

She plans to use her powerful militia and the gift of a seer to do it.

Physical headcanon:

She has a very imposing figure, simply deriving from the fact that she's quite tall, bordering 6'2. She has a narrow waist and long limbs, which makes up for her admittedly average sized breasts. She makes up for it with her flattering clothes. She's not overmuscled, but she has strong legs and arms. She's a formidable fighter, usually using her trident but able to use most other weapons to some degree. However, she doesn't spend much time fighting anymore and locks herself away in the castle, speaking with nearly no one except to issue orders. She also has multiple eyebrow and ear piercings.


She hates how bitter and empty she feels, even now. She stares sullenly out the window like a child while an attendant styles her hair. She's to give a speech to quell the rumors of rebellion, and she has to look more imposing than usual. A kingdom that loves its ruler never went far. Even if she were to show weakness and loosen the chains on the lowbloods (she curls her nose pushes the thought of their filth from her mind) it would simply create and opening for the underground rebels to make a move.

She comes this far, and it's now impossible to change.

She doesn't want to change anyway.

She doesn't need to change.

The dersite attendant tugs a bit to hard on her hair and she impulsively swats its twiddling fingers away. "That's enough." She stares at her reflection, observing the coils of hair falling down her back and brushing a few specks of who-knows-what off her high collared dress. Her twists three more rings onto her fingers, allows the attendant to gingerly place her crown on her head and heads towards the balcony door.

Scare them. Warn them. Dont delude them into thinking youre truly benevolent. Make them hate you.

But make them respect you.


Hi, I'm Finn! I'm new to the magical world of forum roleplaying, so please correct all my mistakes (including misconceptions I have about the story) I'm nowhere hear as mean as the Condesce, and I'm looking forward to meeting and role playing with you all!

tumblr: starshapedcookies
skype: sassygayinsomniac

Please, feel free to add me!


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PostSubject: Re: Her Imperious Condescension - The Empress   Mon Oct 08, 2012 2:28 am

Like we discussed in the chatbox, this sheet is a good start!

Just work a little more on the year that she's had power and on the inbetween time when she was making connections for the overthrow. Don’t forget her relationships with other characters (Eridan, Feferi, Rose, etc.) and her feelings regarding various events (Rose mentioned a few of them in the chatbox).

You can message me when you’re done!

EDIT: Ok, that's good! Character sheet accepted!

I'm really looking forward to planning the plot with you!

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Feferi Peixes
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PostSubject: Re: Her Imperious Condescension - The Empress   Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:02 am

Hah, I get a soft spot in the Batterwitch's heart <3

Great to see you accepted, we'll work out an rp when you're next on the chatbox with me! 38)
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Terezi Pyrope
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PostSubject: Re: Her Imperious Condescension - The Empress   Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:38 am

YESSS!! We have a Condesce!! <3 I hope you'll like your stay here!!
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Sollux Captor
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PostSubject: Re: Her Imperious Condescension - The Empress   Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:35 pm

Oh. My. God. An Empress!! Finally! I like your sheet and the many facets you gave her. I can't wait to see what she does to make us suffer hahaha I sorta kinda hope she gets her hands on Sollux at one point to be honest.
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PostSubject: Re: Her Imperious Condescension - The Empress   

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Her Imperious Condescension - The Empress

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