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 Lena Ariast - The thief

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PostSubject: Lena Ariast - The thief   Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:38 pm

Name: Lena Ariast

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Race: Human

Kingdom: Prospit

Psychological traits:

Lena Ariast is almost completely amoral, or so it seem. She does not respect the law, she steals, she lies, and, even if it only happened one time, she killed. But she also has a strict moral: she only steal people who can “afford” it. And she killed only because she would herself had lost her life otherwise. She hates herself for having done that, but she likes to steal. She likes that because of the thrill it is giving. And she mostly lives of that.

Lena enjoys passing time on Prospit, rather than on the moon. She is adventurous and reckless, and do not like the peaceful life on the moon. She finds it boring and almost meaningless. She will rather go in search of new adventures than be a boring noble. But the problem is to avoid being caught.

She does not have many friends, and she likes to be alone. When not on Prospit, she mostly stay in the library, reading book after book to learn as much as she can. The more she knows, the more she can understand, the more she can be harmful.

Her intelligence is very sharp and dangerous. She understand problems in little time. She is also snob, impertinent, insolent and cold. Or it is what she lets to be seen. In truth, she cares for Prospit more than all. But the coup d'état of the Condesce makes her wonder if her beloved planet will be safe. She does not know if she can handle that. All she can do is to hope. To hope to be able to act.

It is true. Behind Lena's hard mask, you can find an insecure little girl who is afraid of not being up to par. She lets the others to see an arrogant and haughty face, but she has a tender heart... And she is easily influenced. In her manners, at least. If she stays with the same person for too long, she may begin to have the same expressions, the same habits, but she is not even aware of that, she does not remark it.

Physical description:

Lena is pretty tall, at 5’9”, and she is very thin, almost skinny. What is weird with that is that she eats like an ogre. But it is also true that she keeps herself fit, and her endurance and speed prove it. And she always tries to do better, too. She does not have much form, with a little chest and narrow hips.

Her hair is black, straight and shoulder length. She never let it be longer than that, or it would not be practical to hide and such. Her eyes are a strange silver color, and they are... piercing. Like if by looking in them, all your secrets were taken from you...

She usually wear simple clothes, just a shirt and pants, when not on the moon. She does not like to wear fancy clothes, she find them restricting and easy to remarks in streets. She also have some disguises, and with them, is able to take the role of a troll, using grey makeup and false horns.

She always wear a dagger or two, hidden in her shoes when she does not use them. And she uses them well.


The birth of Lena was eventful, since her mother died in the process. The baby was restless, but she did not cry. Instead she try to slip out of the grip of the nurse. Even after, she was hard to keep, never wanting to make what her father wanted. She was a true little pest, and one day, when she was roughly 2 years old, and that she was beginning to talk, she found herself locked in the attic of the house. Nobody were knowing she was here, and her father even call the guards, at some point. For a moment, he thought his daughter were lost, but then, he heard her crying. He rush in the attic, only to heard her say:

-Dad, I am hungryyyyy... in a begging tone.

This incident had very little consequences on Lena, and it did not even make her fear darkness: in fact, she like to dwell in it, and make other worry like that time... Except when she is hungry. But eventually, daughter and father grow closer. He was the only one whom she enjoyed the presence. But, when she was only 9, he died a sickness. It was the last time where she showed her true emotions. After that, she was almost reclusive, smiling very rarely. She went on Prospit numerous times, but guards were always taking her back on the moon.

She then become more tricky, and between two session at the library of the palace, the guards are not capable of stopping her anymore with her stealth, her speed and her cute little face. And yes, she cannot stay on the planet very long, since she is human and is noticed rapidly. So over the time, she bought the necessary to pass as a troll, since she thinks of them as equal as human, but the carapaces... Well, they do not qualify for her admiration. So after that, she pass even more time on Prospit.

At 12, she began to break the law of the kingdom, and was rarely caught: if she was seen thieving, she has only to run in a nearby street, and wash away her disguise, and then say to the guard that she only went to the moon under their nose again. They were beginning to be alright with the idea that they cannot stop her. She does it basically for the thrill it gives to her, and also because she thinks the laws should not be there. They do not help to be happy, in her opinion.

Some times later, she found herself cornered by some young highbloods who wanted to bully her, and after some time they threatened to kill her, since she was not cooperative. The rage submerged her, and she took her two daggers. The trolls, not thinking she would defend herself, did not manage to react in time. She killed them as the result. Now, she regrets it a lot, but she is knowing that she could not have done otherwise.

She was for now never caught in the act. But she fear when it will happen... How she will not able to return on the moon, particularly in its library, with all its knowledge...

When the Condesce took on Derse, Lena began to fear to lose control. But even then she is afraid of not being up to par. She looks on Prospit from the moon, sometimes, wondering what will happen.

OOC: Hello, it is Eridan again, as I think that would be clear! I know I did not develop Eridan a lot, but do not be afraid, I will try to not neglect any of my two characters!

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PostSubject: Re: Lena Ariast - The thief   Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:41 pm

There seems to be a lot of contradictions in your character, and not the good type.

The first thing that bothers me is the fact that she likes to break the law, but works for the Kingdom at the same time. It doesn’t really make sense; the King and Queen would never hire someone like that to work for them. And even if you say she only seems amoral, in fact she really is: she thinks what she does is right but it isn’t!

There is also a problem with her personality: I don’t see how an “unsecure little girl with a tender heart that fears to disappoint the others” could go around killing people. Now I understand she can wear a mask to hide her true personality, a lot of characters do, but this is too extreme!

So basically, I’m going to have to ask you to choose: either you make her a law breaker or you make her a spy for Prospit. But if you choose that option, I have a few restrictions for you. Sixteen is too young for that. The Kingdom has plenty of trained soldiers and professionals to do the job, I don’t think they would hire a sixteen years old. So you’d have to make her older.

You’ll have to rewrite parts of your background to fit your choice.

If I can give you an advice, I think the free-lancer is more interesting option since I don’t really see what a spy would have to do on Prospit. Before the war, it isn’t a relevant role because they were a peace and they don’t need to spy on their people... And now, with the war, they can’t go to Derse. So the spy role is pretty much useless.

I don’t see your point, maybe you could explain it to me...

Feel free to message me if you need help!

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PostSubject: Re: Lena Ariast - The thief   Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:45 pm

Alright, character sheet accepted!

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PostSubject: Re: Lena Ariast - The thief   

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Lena Ariast - The thief

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