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 The Black Queen - Betrayed Ruler of Derse

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Black Queen
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PostSubject: The Black Queen - Betrayed Ruler of Derse   Tue Oct 02, 2012 2:50 am


The Black Queen didn't cry when she was born. She made no sound at all.

Her parents were proud, such a strong daughter, showing no weakness from the start of her birth. She brushed it off however, labeling it as the proper way for one with such status as hers to behave whenever the story arose.

Everything she did was commented on, be it good or bad. Something as trivial as forgetting to add a comma when writing was belittled and then corrected immediately. Such was the life of the future queen. Mistakes were never tolerated.

Lessons were intriguing at best, never what she hoped for but always interesting. The only thing that weighed down her moderate happiness was the constant shadow that followed her everywhere, vainly trying to win the heart she had locked away deep inside herself. Never had she toyed with the idea of love, of running away into the city the palace towered over. Such ideas were foolish to her. Love was weak, useless and running away would only get her killed by the throne's enemies. Besides, why would she run from a place that gave her everything?

Life went on and gradually, she became ready for her crown. Her parents, though extremely proud of their daughter, couldn't help but be afraid of her. She was cold, calculating and hungry for power. The Kind was nothing more than a minion for her, such as in chess. The Queen was always the most powerful piece.

After a while, she became bored ruling over just her kingdom. She wanted more than just the familiar kingdom, one which was so tame. Skaia was out of the question, so long she pondered creating schemes and planned, hoping that her troops would report good news.

The news came and she issued a decree almost as once. As the new Queen, her first royal issue was to claim the planet as her own. Everything was almost perfect, almost within her grasp to be known as the most powerful person in the universe.

That was, until news came back of patrols going missing, whole outposts being desecrated by the golden flag of Prospit. How long had her blood boiled, how many times had she ordered more troops to be sent down to the slowly dying planet? Many nights she glared hatefully out her window, wishing the horrible demise of her enemies.

Later on when the fighting had consumed most of Alternia, the White Queen, her equal yet lesser counterpart asked for an audience.

Humoured, she granted the audience and listened thoughtfully to what she asked. A treaty, for the sake of the trolls. At first she was skeptical, only having the other monarch here for laughs but in the back of her mind she agreed. How many legions of troops had she lost?

When the White Queen was done and the negotiations finished, the final copy, the treaty was signed and droves of trolls were shipped off to her beloved Prospit and to the Black Queen's own Derse.

Feeling that the trolls were an excellent asset to her kingdom, she created programs to help them join Dersite society. This idea was not shared by everyone, the most prominent figure being her Archagent. How she relished his disgust, enjoyed all the anger he tried to use against her. She never had forgotten the first fight she had with him, how all the anger and hatred boiled over, how both each others blood contrasted nicely with the darkness of the other's carapace. His insubordination had earned her hate, and she hadn't let him forget it.

After the treaty and the establishment of trolls on Derse, peace overtook the kingdom. It was then that she turned her attention to the Prince. She found him interesting and mature, reminding her of herself when she was much younger. She read him tales from Derse's past, stories with morals and lessons to aid him in the future, and slowly, grew to care for him.

As he grew, he had less time for her but she didn't mind. She heard that he did extremely well in his training and studies. Whenever her husband became too aggravating, she would go visit Dirk and usually play chess. She felt him an equal, not simply a child. He helped turn her from the cold monarch she had been raised to be into a normal person, which brought great catharsis to her.

Slowly, the Prince became a large influence over her decisions. It was gradual but the Queen noticed the change and welcomed it. If some in her court didn't, they didn't say but she could sense unrest. The influence from Dirk grew until the Black Queen changed the legal system to one of diplomacy and fairness.

The Queen knew what she had done wasn't accepted by everyone but she was reassured that it would work out. She was the queen, no one could question her decisions, but this was to be.

The day after she had made the decree, violence was rampant. Trolls, humans, and carapaces were killing each other mercilessly in the streets and it was all because of her. It wouldn't be long until they came for the person responsible.

She was ready to defend herself but thought better of it and decided to surrender, hoping that they would think twice about killing her. She met the leaders of the rebels, and was only mildly surprised to see her Archagent, her kismesis had sided against her. They forced her to watch the execution of the King then threw her in the dungeons of her own castle, where she was taunted by the ones she had ruled only hours before.

She was continuously tortured, starved and betrayed, her pride shattered but never gave into the torment.

She stayed strong, keeping her faith in Dirk to come and rescue her or for anyone to rescue her.

And she still waits.

Role play sample:

"Chaos." She breathed as her eyes widened. The streets, once flawless purple now ran with blood and fire. Screams all conformed to one simple sound of terror and it enraged her.

I'm next.

The thought brought her out of her stupor and she turned away from her window, feeling empty. Is this what she had caused or was there another reason he subjects were murdering each other for pleasure.

This must be their twisted version of justice.

She grimaced and glanced over at the two guards by her door. They looked uneasily back at her, forgetting their station. "Go." She ordered, her voice not betraying the turmoil she felt inside. They almost looked relieved and they scrambled to go.

Gliding over to her vanity, she pulled it from up against the wall and reached behind, grabbing the weapon that had been hidden there for a long time. It was, to her surprise, still sharp and lighter than she remembered. Thankful, she turned back to the door, the sword drawn in front of her. Yells of terror and protest became louder and louder until finally, the doors burst open.

The troll standing before her was to be expected. They were very vocal in their protests of her new decree but as she looked to the woman's side, she felt deflated yet horrendously enraged.

"I though you would have had some loyalty, Archagent." Her voice was cold, void of emotion. A small smile danced across her face. She lowered the sword and then stabbed it into the floor next to herself. Her subordinate, her Archagent, her kismesis....he had sided against her.

Hope for her was dead, but not revenge.


Hi hi!! My name is LT. I really enjoy role-playing, I've been doing it for 3 1/2 years and have definitely improved. I'm shy-ish but once i get to know you I'm really talkative! I live in Hawaii and am currently going to school. I love writing and can't wait to get to know people! ^w^

deviantArt: nepetaampurra
Skype &/or E-mail: ask if you want them

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Feferi Peixes
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Queen - Betrayed Ruler of Derse   Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:17 am

This is stunningly good, you're writing and your characterisation are brilliant. You'll make a lovely addition to the forum <3

Once I start finishing off my rps I'll be sure to visit you in the dungeon!
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Black Queen
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Queen - Betrayed Ruler of Derse   Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:26 am

Oh thank you!! It actually took me a while to get it like this and rereading it I can see mistakes but it's late and I have to get up tomorrow morning ^^; Gosh, you all are really really nice! I was shy at first but you all are so friendly~

Is it bad I laughed when I read that? Maybe it's because I'm tired but I found that hilarious. Thank you though! It's going to be wonderful rping with everyone! I can't wait ^w^
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Queen - Betrayed Ruler of Derse   Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:02 am

Character sheet accepted!

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Jack Noir
Jack Noir
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Queen - Betrayed Ruler of Derse   Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:53 am

That is just.

Just perfect.

For a while I was worried the role would be filled by someone less competent.

Your depiction is stunning.
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Queen - Betrayed Ruler of Derse   

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The Black Queen - Betrayed Ruler of Derse

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