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 The Ancient Texts

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Dracos Eltani
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PostSubject: The Ancient Texts   The Ancient Texts EmptyWed Sep 12, 2012 7:11 pm

Dracos had been there many times before, but there was something about going to that run-down old bookstore in the low-district this afternoon that seemed a little strange. The air was a little less humid than usual, the sky was not it's classic pearly grey, but a translucent blue. Meandering down the street towards the bookstore, the various smells of the bakeries and spices of marinating meats made Dracos' stomach growl with hunger

I'll stop by later today, he thought to himself, caressing his nearly empty gut for comfort, when it's not so crowded.

Finally in sight was the bookstore, it's old golden paint peeling with age, the old wooden sign that read "YE OLDE LITERATURE SHOPPE" rotting, that musky smell of ancient texts, whethered and torn yet still willing to take them on their journey through the ages, the heavenly scent of new arrivals, unopened, untouched, unheard, and waiting for someone to take with them. The store was fairly popular and, despite the small front entrance, was fairly large for a store in this location.

Through the door was what seemed like a normal bookstore, dusty and seemingly forgotten in time, but Dracos knew the untold stories that lie in wait, stories new and old, experienced and waiting to happen. It was a different experience every time you walk in that those doors. The nice carapace that ran the store was silenty napping in his chair, dreaming things only he would ever know about. It was a humbling to know that there will always be one thing the Condesce and her highblood followers will never get their hands on.

The old wooden floor creaked with every step, but Dracos was careful as to not wake up the store-owner, for he deserved to sleep a little on such a quiet and peaceful day. Dracos ran his fingers over the spines of worn books as he walked, not even bothering to look at their titles, for he knew the majority of them. Seeing a book out of place, a mistake made by careless people, he would scour the bookstore, picking up any stragglers that have been misplaced, and replace them in their proper places. He could not do this for all of the books, only for the ones he was lucky enough to find. Eventually he made his way to a section rarely trod upon by other Prospitians. The sign was entitled "PROSPITIAN HISTORICAL REFERENCE SECTION". This section was fairly small, with only about a dozen books in all, and most of the information within the books was extremely inaccurate. Still, the books were a good read, and some mention hidden passageways throughout Prospit, which Dracos had added to his map long ago.

Dracos was about to walk away, about to leave the bookstore and maybe head over to the market, when something caught his eye.

A new book. A fresh adventure.

Dracos strode towards the book, admiring the binding on such an old book. It didn't have a title, which was a bit odd, but it mattered little. He opened the book, ready to delve into another inaccurate tale about Prospit's history, but nothing was written. Flipping page after page, there was nothing. It was like an unused diary that someone left here on the shelf, except, looking on the back, there was a price tag. It was fairly inexpensive, but why waste money on a book if you are unable to read it?

There is obviously some sort of clue in here, Draco thoguht, searching intensively through the book. If books had tought him anything, and they had, it's that nothing is just there gathering dust. Everything has some sort of purpose, and Dracos was keen on finding out the purpose of this particular blank book. He needed this book.

Dracos made his way back to the front of the bookstore, clutching the strange book in his arms. He was reluctant to wake up the kind Prospitian store owner, but it is his job to sell books to customers.

"E-excuse me... sir?" Dracos stuttered. He had always had trouble talking to people, whether he knew them or not.

The carapace's eyes fluttered open. He let out a large yawn, stretching his arms behind his head, before acknowledging Dracos.

"Ah, yes, boy!" he exclaimed, "Looking around again, or are you here to buy something?"
"Well, I found an interesting book that I'd like to buy, if that's okay!" Dracos said quietly.
The carapace let out a hearty chuckle. "Okay? Of course it 's okay! Well now, let's see this book!" Dracos carefully placed the strange book on the checkout counter, as if it would fall apart if handled improperly.

The carapace looked at the book, a puzzled expression on his face. He flipped through the book quickly, and ended his observation with a glance at the back cover.

"Are you sure you want this? It has nothing written in it!" he said, confusion filling his voice, "Why, I don't even remember stocking this book!"

"I'm sure!" Dracos said enthusiastically. I need to look at it in privacy, who knows what secrets could be hidden in there! He added in his head.

"Hmm... alright..." he seemed almost reluctant to sell this book. Did he too have a strange feeling about this book?

Dracos paid the carapace the necessary amount of boondollars, hastily left the bookstore, and rushed home. Dracos had forgotten completely about going to the market at this point, and of his clawing hunger. His hunger for knowledge overpowered every other sense, leaving him emotionless and distant from the rest of Prospit.

((OOC: sorry for the inactivity again! i had actually finished this a long time ago, but i felt really self conscious about it, being my first RP like this, and put off uploading it haha...))
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The Ancient Texts

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