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 One In The Morning: Digging In The Archives (Open!)

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Mara Sikes
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PostSubject: One In The Morning: Digging In The Archives (Open!)   Sat Sep 01, 2012 1:33 am

As the time on Prospit ticked onward to one AM, the door to an apartment of Nobility on the fourth floor of the Palace slowly swung open. One small candle light flickered across the carpeted halls, shadowing the tapestries, and stretching to escape the restrictions of the hand cupped tightly around the flame. A golden-slippered foot scooted into the hallway, followed above by a curious mess of tumbling black curls that searched back and forth for any conflict. Once the path was confirmed as clear, a whole figure emerged from the door frame, clothed in very muted and simple gold pajamas.

The door eased silently shut as Mara tiptoed out of the apartment, trying to manage both the flickering candle and her (totally rad and noble) blanket cape, while remaining as undetected as possible...which was definitely not her strong suit. After tripping on her blanket and the hallway rugs a couple of times, Mara managed to figure out a system, and continued to walk down, down, down the stairs. Four sets of stairs later, she emerged in an off-shot hallway, which connected most parts of the Palace together. Pausing a brief moment to chew her lip, Mara took a sharp left, deftly navigating her way to the Royal Prospitian Library. Her cape gave her a confident air and part of her felt she might be enjoying it too much...before she realized that it was actually really cool and that nobody would see her anyways. After a few more minutes of silent authoritarian swishing, she made her way to her destination.

Pausing a moment to take in the intricately carved doors, Mara delicately pushed open the well-oiled gateway, which swung open with great ease. She slipped in the smallest gap she could manage and closed the door silently behind her, making sure her cape remained uncaught. After exhaling a deep breath, she ran her hand slowly over the door's carvings, reveling in her success. With a smile plastered on her face and her blanket keeping her warm, Mara forged inwards into the library, the only other light filtering in from high-set windows.

She was, in fact, here on an important mission. Despite her goofing around, she had come to look into some official Prospitian records that should be kept deep in the archives. Exactly why she was looking, she could not say, but she had heard rumors regarding them, which had piqued her curiosity. Of course, it could be nothing, but it was always better safe than sorry.
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One In The Morning: Digging In The Archives (Open!)

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