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 Roxy Lalonde / the Rogue Princess

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Roxy Lalonde
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PostSubject: Roxy Lalonde / the Rogue Princess   Fri May 04, 2012 4:27 pm

Head canon:

Growing up with Wayward Vagabond in the wild lands of Skaia, Roxy was an enthusiastic kid. She was always up for a challenge and to help the carapace she called “daddy”. Before the age of five, she wasn’t aware that she was out of place on Skaia. The only person she saw was WV and she never wondered why they weren’t alike physically. However, during her fifth year of life, WV and Roxy went to a more inhabited sector of Skaia. That’s when Roxy discovered that everyone had a carapace when she didn’t. She started to feel self-conscious and innocently asked her guardian “why she wasn’t normal”. That made WV really sad and he quickly found a solution. With a little imagination, a black cloak, dersite tunic and a mask, his protégée could easily pass as a young carapace. It was a good try but it was too late for Roxy. For the first time, she started doubting her origins and nothing could erase that.

During a trip on Derse, when Roxy was eight, she saw another human for the first time. He was a handsome general in the army; he had blond hair and blue eyes. The little girl was fascinated to see someone like her, at last. It was brief. The officer had come and gone and Roxy wasn’t able to approach him. But she had been assured that she wasn’t alone. That made her really happy and sad at the same time... because she loved her dad; but she knew that something was wrong in her current situation.

Ever since that day, Roxy was obsessed with meeting other humans. She never talked with WV about her questioning. The last thing she wanted, after all he’d done for her, was to worry or to sadden him. Roxy kept and cherished the bracelet she wore as an infant. Sure, she didn’t know where it came from. But something has always told her that it was important, that hidden behind this piece of jewelry with her name on it was the key to her past.

Roxy doesn’t know how to read or write because she never went to school. She speaks the foul language of the skaian carapaces. She swears a lot, which kind of clashes with her predestined role of Princess. Living in the wild, Roxy knows how to fight and to survive with minimum resources. She also knows how to conceal herself; having travelled by boarding commercial ships illegally, Roxy can easily avoid to be spotted. She might not be the classy lady she was supposed to become but who cares? Certainly not her! (She doesn’t know about it but shh!) Having spent her whole life with a carapace, she thinks of relationships in terms of quadrants. However, since she’s not a carapace, she can’t physically fit in these quadrants, even if she is really trying hard to.

The night she spent on Prospit, during her thirteenth year, was really important for her; it was then that she had her first talk with another human. Being led to a room in the Temple of Life, she saw a few maidens attending to their chores. Roxy was really excited and almost revealed herself. A glance on Wayward Vagabond and she changed her mind. Taking that kind of action was sure to cause them trouble. A maiden around Roxy’s age was in charge of bringing food and blankets to them. When she was gone, Roxy started acting naturally. When WV was asleep, the maiden came back and approached her. She made small talk during a few minutes, beating around the bush. Then she asked the things she really had on her mind; was Roxy really a carapace? The blonde girl was really surprised that someone saw through her disguise, but she kind of relieved at the same time. She wanted to talk to another human for so long and now, one was giving her the chance to do so. Without hesitation, Roxy removed her masked, thus answering the question. The maiden was shocked, even if she suspected the trick. Roxy introduced herself to the girl, who did the same; her name was Jane. She was really curious about the reasons behind Roxy’s disguise. The vagabond girl told the maiden all she knew about herself: that she had been raised by a carapace and that she had never talked to another human before. Jane was skeptical and showed it openly. She said it was impossible for someone not to ignore their origins. She added that judging by Roxy’s appearence, she was probably a dersite who came here to make fun of her. Roxy assured that it wasn’t true and that she really came from Skaia. After a while, they dropped the subject, being unable to fall in agreement. They started talking about their respective lives. Roxy urged Jane to tell her about her life in the temple. Every detail was a fascinating addition to the unknown world of humans. Sadly, Jane was called back to her duties. Roxy had to leave early in the morning with her guardian. She has never mentioned that conversation to him. That night is part of her most treasured memories and she remembers vividly the girl from Prospit.

During a trip on Derse, when Roxy was fourteen, she was separated from her guardian and ended up in a tavern where she met the first love of her life: a wine bottle. When Wayward Vagabond found her, later that night; she had passed out and was lying in a corner of the room. Her rented a room in the inn and took care of his adoptive daughter. The next morning, Roxy was sick and had a hardcore hangover. WV then proceeded to scold her for about half an hour. That was when she found out drinking like that was unacceptable... and it was also the day when she discovers she had no will power whatsoever to resist alcohol. The following years were a game in which Roxy had to find the right moment to satisfy her craving, without WV noticing.

The rest of her teens went uneventfully, but she never stopped wondering about her origins. Not so long ago, she had a long, tearful conversation with her guardian: she told him that she needed to learn more about her past and that she wanted to go alone. It was a personal quest she had to do on her own. Wayward Vagabond was sad, of course. But having been through this kind of questioning when he was young, he understood perfectly. He gave her his blessing and tried to orientate her quest. He finally told her the circumstances of her adoption, thus confirming the fact she came from Derse. Last time she saw her guardian, she was boarding a commercial cargo headed for the purple planet. She watched him from a window, concealed to the sight of the carapaces driving it. She watched the silhouette of WV diminish and vanish. She was on her own now. Roxy is unaware of the newly begun war. She has no idea what she will find on Derse. Still, she is feverishly looking forward her new adventures.

Due to a life of hiding and deceiving, Roxy became kind of sneaky. You would have a hard time figuring out if she is telling the truth or not. She also can be kind of manipulative sometimes. However, the downsides of her personality are well hidden behind a peppy and carefree attitude. She’s loyal and caring and if you become friend with her, she will do anything for you... Sometimes, she might do things you won’t like but remember she does them with the best of intentions. Also, she is a little stubborn. When she has her mind set on something, making her give up on it is almost impossible.

Physical head canon:

Roxy has an athletic, rectangular shape; she has next to no curves. Her body isn’t really muscular but it shows that she has spent her whole life travelling. She has no fat whatsoever; in fact, she is rather skinny. She’s around 5 feet 3 inches tall, kind of average for a human girl.

Roleplay sample:

Roxy took the bottle to her mouth and gave it the adequate inclination: nothing. She let out a loud sigh.

“Bartender!” she whined, rearranging the mask on her face to make sure the carapace didn’t see it. “Is that how you treat your customers? Give me more wine damn it!” And for good measure, she hit the bar with her fist. The rogue had long since stopped counting the bottles she drank that night. Man. Daddy was sure to be mad if he found out. He hated when she was drinking. Or drunk, whichever formulation was most accurate.

She stood up at the moment the innkeeper came with another bottle of wine. Roxy threw a few golden coins on the bar. “I have to go. Keep that bottle.” Her voice had a sorry sound to it. She wasn’t fond of letting wine go to waste. Well it wasn’t really going to waste. The innkeeper would sell it to someone else. However, it wasn’t HER who would drink it. What a shame.

Shakily, Roxy walked to the door and left the tavern to find her guardian. As hard as she was trying, she could fool no one: she was drunk.


Ok! Hello my name is Laurence! I’m 23 and I live in Quebec/Canada. My first language is French so please bear with the mistakes I might do! I like to read, to watch tv shows and animes and to cosplay!


My tumblr ID is echoes-fading! I mostly reblog things so don’t expect to find any original stuff! I’m still awesome so you can follow!

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PostSubject: Re: Roxy Lalonde / the Rogue Princess   Fri May 04, 2012 5:07 pm

Character sheet accepted.

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Jade Harley
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PostSubject: Re: Roxy Lalonde / the Rogue Princess   Thu May 17, 2012 10:43 am

I loved reading your headcanon! It's so nice that you really portrayed another side to Roxy besides her being drunk all of the time--it was nice that it wasn't the focus of her! You really gave her so much to like: how much she cares about not disappointing WV, her desire to know about herself, how she was willing to go out to adventure!

I enjoyed your rp sample as well! It really lets the reader in on how Roxy thinks!

Looking forward to rping with you~!
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Roxy Lalonde
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PostSubject: Re: Roxy Lalonde / the Rogue Princess   Thu May 17, 2012 9:28 pm

Oh wow thanks! ;3; Well that's what I was trying to do, too much people portray her as if a drunk girl is all she is...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the roleplay sample, it was really fun to write!

I'm looking forward to rp with you too!
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PostSubject: Re: Roxy Lalonde / the Rogue Princess   

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Roxy Lalonde / the Rogue Princess

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