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 Writing tips anyone?

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Sollux Captor
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PostSubject: Writing tips anyone?   Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:21 pm

Alright so, like most of you know a lot of people here on the forum are French Canadians, so I thought maybe our fellow English Canadian/Americans/British/Anything else could help us out sometimes?

I mean if you native English speakers have any tips to give us about our writing, common mistakes, expressions, post it here!

Fellow French Canadians, if you have any questions, I also invite you to post them here!

Really anyone who needs help with writing, even native English speakers, I invite you to post your questions ~

It's not a hate thread, it's a help thread. I know for now all our members are passive and respectful, but y'know, just making sure!
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Dove Vasati
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PostSubject: Re: Writing tips anyone?   Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:37 am

Oh, what a wonderful idea Sollux! I can't think of any tips at the moment that could be helpful but I can try and answer any questions someone has.

Wait I think I might have a tip. If you're unsure about your grammar try reading over your sentence and pointing out the 'time' and the word you are unsure about.

Example: A couple of days ago Dove has to go to the store.

In this sentence 'days ago' is your time and 'has' is the word you're unsure about. When in the past-tense words are (usually) altered from their original form. This sentence is in the past tense and has is in it's original form so I have made an error.

A couple of days ago Dove had to go to the store.

This sentence rolls off the tongue much better and is now correct.

I hope this helps.
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Writing tips anyone?

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