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 Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow

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Erebus Chloris
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PostSubject: Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow   Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow EmptyWed Jul 11, 2012 3:44 pm

Name: Erebus Chloris

Gender: Male

Age: 22 human years, 10 sweeps

Race: Troll

Kingdom: Prospit

Psychological traits:

For a start, Erebus cannot be considered normal and never will. He has lost all sanity; he is very unpredictable and has abnormal reactions to several actions. Violence and death makes him laugh, a sincere laugh, even if the pain is inflicted on him and even if the injury is serious. This is an unfortunate troll reduced to a savage beast. He can speak calmly but rarely do and is not always comprehensible. He is also illiterate. It is difficult to understand what is happening in his head. He is rarely intentionally violent; it's a watchdog, a devoted slave to any request, even suicide if it would go to please the people's who lead. This is an unhealthy and disgusting troll, a disgrace to the trolls. He is happy to belittle himself to the worst humiliations and happy to live in the deepest basenesses of life. He has no values and no respects for himself. We don’t even know if he's worth to take pity, he is an abomination and probably a lost cause that will never understand the difference between good and evil.

On the other hand, he’s not in a state of insanity all the times. He’s able to contain himself and look like- least normal-and he is very smart in tactics and torture ideas. Harmless as long as no orders are given.

Physical description:

Erebus is small enough for a troll, which do not make him very impressive. His members are frail, he has a small frame. His body is covered with scars and burns in some places; he is to be pitied and often disgusts people who cross his path. He lost the sight in one eye because of the Alternian War and the other eye has poor vision. This is not what prevents him from being alert, his hearing is extraordinary and he is very agile. Living in the slum district, his clothes are the bare minimum of a tattered T-shirt, same for his pants. He is wandering or at least was, since the brothers Deimos took him under their wings, but despite their '' hospitality'', they don’t take more care of him and sometimes makes him even worse, and the worse there is in this is that he is perfectly and sincerely happy to be treated like a rag.

Erebus is a mid-blood, his blood is a beautiful teal, too often scattered because of his injuries. He is so to pity that people are just passing their way when they saw him on the street.


War on Alternia was a horrible experience and it's partly what triggered the madness of the young troll. Six years old in human years, three sweeps at that time, Erebus was old enough to understand what was happening. He passed very close to death during the war being fought like a dog by a Derse soldier to finally receive a blade in the eye with the intent to kill, but the blade didn’t go to the brain and the young troll just loses consciousness during all the attack, but he was left for dead and so he could survive. Despite the great loss of blood, Chloris awoke and managed to get up very painfully in a flee attempt. When the soldiers walked one last time in the streets to take the survivors, they saw the young dying troll who was trying to go home and took him in spite of his poor condition. Being too weak even to speak, he could not resist. The young troll still had the time to see and experience the savagery and killings from the war. Needless to say, this drastically changed his being. Madness, a great sense of vengeance and violence took hold of him. The race of trolls being already violent, this big event did magnify that attraction. On Prospit, we took care of him and healed his wounds before assigning him a Carapacian like everyone else.

He hated them all so much -nothing to do with hatred of a quadrant- and didn’t wanted at all to comply and remain a calm troll at home. All his life he run away and goes for weeks away from home. He returned only rarely to eat and a little comfort sometimes. He barely had time to learn the language they spoke on Prospit and looked up on all other teachings. He didn’t care at all about them and their culture. His Carapace eventually let go to take care of him, especially because Erebus was often violent and uncontrollable, but he left him came back sometimes without saying a word. Everything that could be relevant to the Condesce or the outside world does not reach him and he does not care at all, just like rat; that doesn’t care. His life is reduced to a worthless being without belief that is only meant to survive. He was very unstable for many years and lived on the streets most of the time, walking between the low and the slum districts, but he preferred to hide in the slum since the population is low there. Being very vulnerable, the times that malicious trolls amused themselves by beating him were numerous. He was an easy target and often roaming the same places, the word passed from mouth-to-mouth. He was a punching bag, a toy, a rag. We'll spare you the details, but it was terrible. (From our perspective, his was correct) Each event was making worse his mental state until he becomes completely insane. He often laughs alone and inflicts pain on himself. Even by being beaten he can laugh, which often confuses his opponents. He's so weird that even his attackers who were accustomed to visit him now avoid him. He was a vermin of the streets and ate what he could.

A common day where Erebus was walking in the streets at night in the low district in search of food, he fell face to face with the two big brothers Deimos. At first glance, he strangely found them so beautiful and majestic that he knew he would stay with them no matter what happened. It was hard to understand, but like a thunderbolt, he spontaneously wanted them both in all quadrants like a fool. We can compare this to an animal who wants to mate, he doesn't really choose his partners, it happens suddenly. It was there and now for the first time that he really thought about his quadrants. He would not let them slip away. While the two did nothing but push their way, he returned to their kit, trying to sympathize and begging that they took him with them. They responded with violence, trying to push their way again by pushing, throwing and kicking him on the ground. Erebus answered this violence into hysterical laughter and continued to follow them with a bloody face. The brothers were a bit shaken by his behavior. How someone could take as much pleasure in being beaten? They decided after a short consultation and fear of his madness to leave the troll follow them, to his greatest satisfaction.

Since that strange night, Erebus is the little miserable servant for the Deimos brothers and he would do anything for them. He is very smart and will stop at nothing to fill the dirty tasks they can give him. His wish to fulfill his quadrants is still going strong, even if they seem to have no interest in this way for him. His lifestyle has not really changed apart that he eat more regularly and has a stable roof, even if he sleeps on the floor- except for a few rare occasions when they accept him to sleep with them. He is their personal punching bag for romp their anger, but think again, for him that's life dream.

OOC: My name is Nathan, there’s not a lot to say about me, mmh I roleplayed for many years now and yeah, Aliyah brought me here. I hope I will get along with you guys! (Thanks to Karkat for the avatar!) Ah, I hope no one got offended by my sheet, I guess a forum needs all kinds of characters, no?

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Nirana Vactes
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PostSubject: Re: Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow   Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow EmptyWed Jul 11, 2012 7:45 pm

Ahh, I love this character. The insane always make for awesome characters, and I hope you have fun with this I very much enjoy the description of Erebus as well, I can understand where he's coming from.
All in all, this is a great addition to the forum! Good luck with getting accepted, and I hope to rp with you sometime! I'm excited to see Erebus in action
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PostSubject: Re: Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow   Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow EmptyThu Jul 12, 2012 12:16 am

Character sheet accepted!

Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow Gcatsign2
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Aliyah Deimos
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PostSubject: Re: Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow   Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow EmptyFri Jul 13, 2012 11:29 pm

Oh how I will LOVE to roleplay with you. I cannot wait!
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Sollux Captor
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PostSubject: Re: Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow   Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow EmptyFri Jul 13, 2012 11:40 pm

Oh my god this guy reminds me of those creepy creatures who crawl down from walls, looking all crooked in horror games or movies. I love him. Can't wait to read his RPs.
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Terezi Pyrope
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PostSubject: Re: Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow   Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow EmptySat Jul 14, 2012 1:03 am

wow O: Are all the tealbloods crazy? XP It must be hard to rp such an insane and illogic character, I can't wait to see how you make him interact with everyone!
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Jade Harley
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PostSubject: Re: Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow   Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow EmptySun Jul 15, 2012 1:17 pm

What an interesting character--I really enjoy how warped he is! It makes for such spontaneity!

Really can't blame him for going as mad as he did. I feel bad for him, having to go through something as horrible as that But at least he as the Deimos brothers? Speaking of them, it was so neat to hear more relations amongst the OC's around these parts!

Looking forward to seeing you around the forums!
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Erebus Chloris - The Green Shadow

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