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 Meeting Between Moirails [Cont from Cemetary Spectacle]

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PostSubject: Meeting Between Moirails [Cont from Cemetary Spectacle]   Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:01 am

Equius couldn't sit still.

He pushed himself away from the table, the half-finished prosthetic arm rolling with the violent shove. Standing, he circled his tiny living space, going from the kitchen to the living room and back again. He knew that he should be productive in his spare time, getting some of his old projects done in the few precious moments he wasn't working, but he couldn't. Not with such tantalizing information on its way.

His apartment wasn't exactly in the nicest neighborhood, but he didn't worry for Nepeta. She had a way of getting from place to place, scampering along rooftops in a dangerous and fantastic fashion. He'd long since given up trying to cure her of such a insalubrious habit, and as such he'd left his window open. She'd find her way. She always did.

Equius tried to sit back down, to finish his project. The pins and gears trembled between his fingers, refusing to fit into place. He dropped them, sighing and drumming his fingers on the table. Divots cratered beneath his fingertips, but he hardly noticed. What was taking her so long?

Where was she?
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Meeting Between Moirails [Cont from Cemetary Spectacle]

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