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PostSubject: Reminder   Reminder EmptyTue Jul 03, 2012 2:26 am

Alright, I read most of the posts on the forum and a few details annoyed me. Now I won't target anyone but I'd like everyone to read this carefully. You might think these details are not that important but THEY ARE. They affect your characters's action and how they think and react to different things.

1) There are a few posts where people mentioned their characters went to school.

Let me quote the general setting:

Quote :
On both planets, citizens have access to elementary schools were they can learn how to write, read and calculate. Most carapaces stop studying when their level is good enough for them to start working.

So unless your characters are kids under 11-12 years old, they are NOT supposed to attend school.
Some people might attend school to get a job. For example, on Derse, there is a school for agents. But THAT’S IT. No high school for the most of the population.

2) Some people tend to forget that humans are not regular citizens of Prospit or Derse.

Let me quote the general settings once again:

Quote :
The humans are all part of the aristocracy.

If you see a human in the street, it IS suspicious. There are no human peasants on either planets. The humans have better education than most of the population, and everyone knows that.

I hate to be forced to say this but if this kind of mistake happens too often, I will have to give warnings. When you’re not sure of something, CTRL+F in the general settings/current storyline/ and other relevant post to find the info you are looking for!

Thank you.

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