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 Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror

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Jordan Deimos
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PostSubject: Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror   Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:09 am

Name: Jordan Deimos

Gender: Male

Age: 17 years old (around 8 sweeps)

Race: Troll

Kingdom: Prospit

Psychological traits:

Jordan, unlike his brother, preferred to mix muscle and brains then agility and brains. Despite his sturdy looks, he doesn’t need his brother to understand what’s going on; he can perfectly get it on his own. People sadly underestimate that and believes he’s just a dumb bully… Until he beats the people’s asses only using all the information they slipped by, thinking he was too stupid to pick it up. It gets him moody and it’s one of the reasons he is a bully, people thinking he’s retarded or something. He only doesn’t get angry at Aliyah when he teases him because he knows he’s just poking innocent fun.

The troll is very self centered and egoist but there will always be a place for his brother and mother in his heart. He is very protective of them, especially his mother whom he always seen so fragile. Jordan admires his brother not because he is better than he is but because he is older and therefore knows a little more than he does due to his elder’s privileges. He never cared for carapaces much until they began to bully their mother because his brother and him were indigo bloods. He bullied them in turn, scaring them away from their house before anything bad could happen to his beloved mommy.

Other than being a cruel tormentor, Jordan is a rather lively, upbeat person. He often has a smile on his face and friendly eyes, even when he’s beating some poor soul to a pulp. He likes to poke fun at Aliyah by calling him a Rainbow Drinker since his brother is basically the polar opposite of him on the physical matter.

Physical description:

Jordan is your typical jock. He is muscular, especially his arms, a bit tanned with short hair he likes to spike. He grew out a strand of hair which he threads to follow Aliyah into growing long hair without looking like a total faggot. The funny thing about Jordan is that he is rather short with 5’9’’ which is just about the average size. Because he is so bulky and always hanging out with his ridiculously tall brother, he looks even shorter. Jordan isn’t too fond of yellow to be honest and well, it’s hard to get out of that palette when one lives on Prospit. He pulls off his shirt whenever he gets home only to put it back on if he ever needs to go out. As a child, he ran off naked in the streets more than necessary, shaming both his brother and mother. She decided to start buying him clothes with a more orange scheme which still he still wears to this day. He also enjoys wearing sleeveless shirt since he always feels constricted in the traditional prospitian fashion which clothes are useless rich and thick.


Jordan was nothing but a grub when Alternia fell under the dersiste and prospitian armies so he has no memory what so ever of his home planet except a few flashes. One of them is that he was looking at the sky, nearly out of the Mothergrub’s cavern and beside a cozy stalagmite where he would spin his cocoon when a huge shake made him fall. The next thing he remembers is being pressed against a torso between two little arms trying to hold him. And not to forget the extreme feeling of fear. What Jordan doesn’t remember is that he crawled a good distance to the nearest city. It had been destroyed by the war but was still populated by trolls about to be deported. Tired, lost and confused, the grub fell off a plate of organic building and curled on the ground, ready to die like a vulgar insect. Luck shone upon the little larva though. A young troll, probably just has distressed as he was, found Jordan and picked him up to never let go. Aliyah never left his side since then and neither will Jordan. The kind act was a rare display for a troll, even a youngster like he was. Jordan never understood why Aliyah chose him, believing many other grubs died in the fashion he would have but each time he asked, the older brother would simply shrug and reply it just happened. Anyone who would hear that story wouldn’t believe Aliyah used to be nice and Jordan to be weak and scared. As time passed on, they became bullies to everyone who was not their mother. They wouldn’t intimidate the highbloods as much as the lowers ones though. Jordan didn’t really care for the high-ups but had a personal grudge against anyone below the jade color.

When he was about 6 years old in human age (3 in alternian’s), three trolls about 14 years old circled him and his brother. Being a kid, Jordan didn’t understand what they wanted and why they were imprisoning them. Aliyah seemed to understand a bit better though since he was a bit older, the adult trolls had started to introduce him to the hemospectrum. The trolls started calling them names and pushing them against one another. In legitimate defence, Jordan pushed back with little effect from how small he was compared the bullies. The only real effect it had was to piss off one of them. The troll grabbed his left horn, who were goat like horns like the ones associated to indigo bloods, and pulled on it so hard it broke. The pain was mesmerizing. If a horn, a part of the body that wouldn’t have much to any at all never in it hurt that much, Jordan never wanted to have to live through breaking an arm. The wound the maniac troll had inflicted sent Aliyah into craziness as well. He saw him jump on the bully and literally tear him apart. Blood splashed on Jordan for the first time. His lips tasted the blood of lower beings and he loved. He would realise it only much later though. At that moment, the priority was to stop aliyah before he commit murder. The only think he found was to hit him behind the head with his own broken horn. He hasn’t told Aliyah he’s the one who knocked him out to this day.

After the incident, Aliyah swore to make every lowblood pay for their assault on his little brother. Ordan followed his steps but not exactly out of defense or protection though. He liked to hit on the weak, he came to love having their despicable blood on his face.

Before all that, the troll lived happily with Aliyah and their mother. She was a young carapace, a noun freshly out of the Circle of Life when she adopted them. She’s the only person who ever was able to break the brothers’death grip on each other. A lot of people accused Aliyah of not letting go of Jordan but when he closes his hand on his brother’s arms, he knows he didn’t let go either. He feel was too familiar and yet odd, a reminiscence of when his arms were the articulated sticks of a grub. Their mother was nice enough to accept taking care of both of them in exchange of having double the money given every month. The good part was she never did that for the money. She said it was cruel to separate families. Being a carapace, she didn’t understand the complexity and impossibility of being siblings but under her tutelage, the trolls became labeled as brothers by everyone including themselves.

OOC: yoh, I was dragged here by Aliyah. I rped a little before but this forum looks sweet, just thought of adding some spice.

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Nirana Vactes
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PostSubject: Re: Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror   Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:34 am

Welcome I really enjoyed how you gave him brains as well as strength, it really adds depth to his character. I also like how he's similar, but not the same as his brother! Have fun on the forums, I hope your sheet is accepted, and I get to rp with you at some point!
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Kreans Minkva
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PostSubject: Re: Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror   Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:44 am

I get the feeling I'm getting more endangered every minute... And I LOVE IT. CAn't wait to RP with both of you!
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PostSubject: Re: Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror   Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:37 pm

Mintaal finally has a purpose. XD Cant wait!
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PostSubject: Re: Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror   Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:46 pm

Just make sure to finish that sentence in your physical description:

Quote :
He also enjoys wea

Also I wonder, what do his horns look like? You don't talk about them in your physical description!

Other than that, character sheet accepted!

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Jordan Deimos
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PostSubject: Re: Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror   Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:30 am

Fixed! Sorry, I was pretty tired. Haha yes I cant wait to rp with all of you. Warmest welcome for a villain ever.
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Jade Harley
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PostSubject: Re: Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror   Sat Jul 07, 2012 3:27 am

I really enjoy the brotherly relationship between Aliyah and Jordan, it really offers the characters such nice depth. Also, really liking the similarities and differences between the two, as well as how the bullying incident effected Jordan.

Great character and I hope to see him out on Prospit!
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PostSubject: Re: Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror   

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Jordan Deimos - Descend of Terror

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